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Hop on the number train and travel along with it as kids learn to count out, sequence, and write the numbers 1 through 20.

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The Number Train is coming down the track and it’s bringing the numbers one through 20 with it. This mathematical app introduces kids to their basic numbers, providing them with a thorough understanding of each number. Along the way they’ll meet a host of cute characters such as dinosaurs and wizards and fun toys such as race cars and babushka dolls. Kids will count them out and interact with them in other ways as they learn all about their basic numbers.

Features include:

  • A few free numbers
  • Fun stickers
  • Number tracing activity
  • Multiple number games


Number Train is easy for kids to play. Each number is held in one of the train’s cars with a character, toy, or other object peeking out from the top. As kids complete the activities in each car, the items are revealed. There’s also fun music in the background and a narrator clearly reads out the numbers and offers other instructions as kids play.


Kids will find each number represented in multiple ways as they play. First they will tap on two silhouettes of an object that add up to the selected number. Then they’ll follow the dots to trace the number. That’s followed by a marble counting activity where kids must drag the correct number of marbles into a box. Kids will also find an activity where they reveal numbers in a sequence up to the selected number and where they must then place a group of numbers in order. Finally they must drag the number to the domino-like squares that match and pop the balloons when they get it correct. All of the activities help kids gain a thorough understanding of each number and learn how the numbers build on one another.


The variety of activities available for each number will keep kids entertained, but it’s not only the activities they’ll enjoy. The app is full of little features to keep kids interested, such as the ability to pop balloons and choose a sticker after the final activity for each number. Cute characters and toys that pop out of the train cars will also encourage kids to keep playing with different numbers.


A few numbers come with the free version of the app. Parents can then opt to purchase numbers 1-10 or numbers 1-20 through an in-app purchase. For maximum value, parents may want to go ahead and purchase numbers 1-20. While a bit pricey, the amount of activities for each number helps make the purchase a decent buy.

Child Friendliness

Kids have access to the settings screen where they can change the language from English to French. However, the grown ups screen and in-app purchases are protected by a parental block. On the grown ups page parents will find an overview of each of the activities within the app to help them understand their purpose and how to play should kids become confused. Most kids, however, will jump right in and start playing because the app is so easy to use and fun to play.

Hop on the number train and travel along with it as kids learn to count out, sequence, and write the numbers 1 through 20.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars