Mysteries of the Grand Canyon

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Review Summary:

Follow Kristi Kay, a Cairn Terrier, as she travels to the Grand Canyon in this engaging interactive iBook that helps kids learn all about this impressive natural site.

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Mysteries of the Grand Canyon introduces kids to the Grand Canyon through a cute factual fiction story staring Kristi Kay, a Cairn Terrier. At 110-pages long, the story doesn’t just give kids a glimpse of the canyon, it covers multiple aspects of the Grand Canyon, from its geological formations to the animals and plants that call it home. Unlike a traditional non-fiction book, the cute story of Kristi Kay’s travels will keep them from feeling overwhelmed with facts. While they’re learning about the Grand Canyon, the photographs and realistic illustrations will help kids feel as if they’re actually traveling through the Canyon with Kristi Kay.

Features include:

  • Real photographs
  • Based in fact
  • Audio and video clips
  • An in-depth appendix


One look at the pictures shows that this book was created with quality in mind. The realistic illustrations and photographs will helps kids feel as if they can actually experience the Grand Canyon themselves. In fact, it’s the pictures that really make the book standout. Otherwise, it offers a standard interactive e-book experience, with a few sounds and video clips thrown in here and there, but not enough to really stand out.


Kids who read through Mysteries of the Grand Canyon will really get to learn about the Grand Canyon. While many facts are woven into the story, even more facts are included as art of the in-depth appendix. In addition to learning new facts, kids can also boost their vocabulary skills because the iBook format allows them to click on any word and receive a definition. What the format lacks is the ability to read the text aloud, which may keep it from being enjoy by struggling readers.


While the story is cute and offers a unique way for readers to learn about the Grand Canyon, it may not appeal to all kids. Interactive audio and video clips help to improve the entertainment value, but kids may find themselves wishing there was less to read and more to interact with.


Kids who are really interested in learning about the Grand Canyon or National Parks in general will appreciate the value of this digital book. However, parents who are on the fence about whether kids will like the book may balk at the price. It certainly nears the top of the price-range for books of its type.

Child Friendliness

Using Kristi Kay as the guide helps get kids interested in the book. When they first open it, they’ll be introduced to the lovable Cairn Terrier and some of the story behind the book. A clear Table of Contents will then help kids navigate around the book. The story itself is appropriate for the age-level of kids who are likely to pick up the book. However, the interactive features may take some time to discover.

Follow Kristi Kay, a Cairn Terrier, as she travels to the Grand Canyon in this engaging interactive iBook that helps kids learn all about this impressive natural site.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars