Music4Babies – Learn to read and write music with the animals

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A musical treat for babies who will delight in tapping on animals and using their sounds to create their own musical compositions.

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At the baby stage, it may be too early to know if your child is the next great Mozart or John Philip Sousa, but it’s never too early to start encouraging musical skills. Music4Babies gives babies a chance to become pint-sized composers, although the instruments they compose with are less than traditional. Instead, babies use animals as their instruments, composing pieces full of cute animal sounds. To compose their pieces, babies drag the animals onto a musical staff. As they place the animals, their piece records so they can instantly hear it played back or scrap it and create something new. No matter what they decide, babies will be delighted by the sounds they hear.

Features include:

  • Available in 11 different languages
  • Bright colors
  • Cute animal cartoons
  • Shows names of music notes


From the moment they open the app, babies will hear animal sounds and see the cute, colorful cartoonish animals that make the sounds. All of the sounds ring clearly. While some, such as the cow, sound true to life, others, such as the elephant, sound more like actual instruments. Whether realistic or more instrumental, all of the sounds are played at different notes according to where baby places them on the scale.


Designed more for fun than education, the app still gives babies their first introduction to notes and their sounds. On the settings screen, parents have the option to turn on or off the setting that displays the note being played when babies place an animal on the staff. This helps subtly teach babies to recognize the sounds different notes make, no matter what animal is making them.


Babies and toddlers love silly sounds and Music4Babies offers plenty of silly sounds to entertain them. While most babies won’t immediately grasp the concept of composing a piece and playing it back, they’ll delight in dragging the animals onto the staff and creating a variety of sounds. Parents, however, may want to keep the volume turned down low or their ears could be ringing with some of the melodies their babies create.


Babies can tap on a wealth of animals and create their own musical compositions. While simple in design, Music4Babies’ cute animals and delightful animal sounds will entertain babies for long periods of time, adding to its value.

Child Friendliness

Babies and toddlers will quickly figure out how to operate the app, as it simply requires tapping on any of the animals to get started. Parents will quickly figure out that the links to Facebook and other developer apps won’t accidentally be accessed either since they’re protected by a parental block. Pretty much the only thing a baby can do aside from play the game is change the settings so the game runs in one of the 11 different languages offered. What does a cow say in German anyway?

A musical treat for babies who will delight in tapping on animals and using their sounds to create their own musical compositions.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars