Monkey Preschool-When I Grow Up (Holiday Edition)

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Review Summary:

A cute app for young children that explores various careers in a fun, interactive way.

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Price: $1.99
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Monkey Preschool-When I Grow Up is a cute app for young children to explore with lots of interactive images, bright colors, and costumes to dress their monkey up in. This exploratory app introduces little ones to a variety of careers and it now has a holiday twist with Santa and Santa’s helper as additional costume options.

Features include:

  • 3 Monkeys to choose from
  • 12 Costumes
  • Sticker rewards


Children are going to love the bright colors, fun costumes, and the interactive images included in this app. With so much to explore and the well organized and easy to use design, the developers have done a great job creating an app for toddlers on up. Children can easily dress their monkeys and earn stickers by dragging and dropping the pieces of their costume in the appropriate place providing lots of freedom to play on their own. Overall a simple, yet well done app.


This simple to use app provides a great introduction to various careers with fun costumes that kids can dress their monkeys up as. Each piece of their costume comes with an accessory that provides a more conceptual understanding of the career. For instance, the doctor costume comes with a sick monkey to care for help little ones understand what each career does. I love that even with a fairly simple set up, this app offers a bit of education too.


Who doesn’t love to play dress up? With 12 different costumes that you can mix and match children are going to have a blast. After selecting their three pieces (hat, shirt, and pants), children get to interact with their dressed-up monkey with a fun background, accessories, and music. The interactive images allow them to explore and enjoy the careers a bit more and at the end they earn a sticker and they get to do it all over again. Definitely a fun app for young children to enjoy.


Priced at just under two dollars, this is one app that won’t break the bank and parents will certainly appreciate that. With 3 monkeys to dress up, 12 costumes, and sticker rewards, this is one app that will get lots of playing time.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a nice job overall making sure this app is easy to use and safe for children. The simple drag and drop features are easy for young children and the simple set up is very intuitive.

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A cute app for young children that explores various careers in a fun, interactive way.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars