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MarcoPolo Weather is a cute educational app that teaches children about various weather conditions through interactive exploration and play.

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MarcoPolo Weather is a delightful app that allows little ones to explore and learn about various weather conditions. This free play app uses hands on play to encourage children to experiment with lots of fun accessories, characters, and clothing see how each are affected in the different temperature, wind, rain, and snow conditions. For little ones who love to explore, this is a great educational app.

Features include:

  • 9 Weather conditions
  • 4 Wind speeds
  • Interactive play


The quality of this app is really great with awesome illustrations, interactive images, bright colors, and fun sound effects to go along with each weather condition and accessories children use. There is narration through out for each weather condition that provides the definition of each condition which is great for children. Easy to use for young children, this app is a high quality learning tool for inquisitive minds.


MarcoPolo Weather is a great app to teach little ones about various weather conditions including rain, thunderstorms, blizzards, tornados, and hurricanes. Players can experiment and play with various conditions to see what happens to the weather with various temperatures and wind conditions. The way the app is set up also allows children to explore at their own pace as they interact with various accessories like flying a kite in the wind or putting a fire out on a cold night.

I also love how the developers have included narration throughout to help educate children on the definitions of each weather condition without it being overwhelming. Children can learn, explore, and have fun all in one place.


There is no doubt children will enjoy this app for all of the interactive pieces that are included. With various accessories, plants, foods, and things like an igloo, a camp fire, and a tent, children will be able to set the scene to their liking with ease. The background of the app also includes various animals like a porcupine, an eagle, a woodpecker etc. that players can interact with as they play. It seems the developers have thought of everything as children can plant flowers, change the character’s clothes, fly a kite, have a picnic etc. all while learning about the weather.


A limited version of this app is offered for free, but the full version is available for just under two dollars which is a great deal. An app that will keep children busy and not break the bank.

Child Friendliness

MarcoPolo Weather is an easy to use app that is good for children of all ages. With simple swipe functioning children can easily move through the app without trouble. There are no social media buttons to be concerned about, however there is the in app purchase link and an advertisement button on the home page that are both protected. There is also a parent’s area in the main page that is also protected which is nice.

With that said, after playing the app for just a little while and going back to the home page, a ‘rate this app’ option pops up on the screen and it is not protected. It seems there are more and more apps with these pop up buttons appearing after a few plays in areas that children have access too and they really should be in protected parent areas.

MarcoPolo Weather is a cute educational app that teaches children about various weather conditions through interactive exploration and play.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars