Little Critter Shapes

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Get reacquainted with Little Critter as he discovers his shapes and teaches them to kids too in this short, cute board book turned eBook.

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Parents who grew up reading Little Critter books will love the opportunity to introduce some of their younger children to the popular character in this cute board book turned eBook. They’ll learn about circles, stars, triangles and many other shapes. Unlike many eBooks, this book features few words, but it’s enough to interest beginning readers. It also allows them to focus mainly on learning shapes. Once they’ve learned the shapes, they can use them to play a fun shape finding game at the end of the story, helping to drive their new knowledge home.

Features include:

  • Highlighted narration
  • Record your voice option
  • Find-the-Shape game
  • 11 different shapes


Like most Oceanhouse Media books, Little Critter Shapes doesn’t disappoint with quality. Most of the pages simply contain the illustrations from the original board book and do not offer a lot of animations, but kids can still tap around to see the picture labels. They’ll also hear background music and sound effects. Parents can also choose to record new narration for the books so kids can hear a parents’ voice or even their own voice as they read through the book.


While simple, the story still gives kids an opportunity to learn their shapes. In fact, its lack of lengthy text makes it easy for kids to focus on the names of the shapes and the picture labels that appear when they tap on them. The shape finding game at the end of the book also helps reinforce kids’ knowledge of shapes and, according to the info screen, aligns with the kindergarten Common Core ELA standards. Of course, learning about shapes will help kids in math and science too.


Despite the lack of text and animated illustrations, kids will still enjoy this short board book. They’ll especially like the sound effects and the ability to tap on objects to reveal their labels. At the end of the board book, kids are rewarded with a fun game, although they can also use the scene selection tool to skip directly to the game whenever they open the app.


Rather than going out and buying Little Critter Shapes in board book format, parents can save a bit of money and get a slightly more interactive experience by opting to purchase the eBook. Comparable in quality to other favorites from Oceanhouse Media, it offers a good value and even features a fun bonus game at the end.

Child Friendliness

Parents don’t have to worry about their youngest children accessing any iffy content or having trouble navigating this simple story.  All info screens and links to additional apps contain parental blocks to keep little fingers tapping within the story. Once in the story, arrows and a scene selection pop-up make it easy for kids to move from shape to shape.

Get reacquainted with Little Critter as he discovers his shapes and teaches them to kids too in this short, cute board book turned eBook.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars