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Let Little Critter help your child learn the alphabet along with new vocabulary words. The interactive scenes allow children to have fun exploring various objects and learning the words that go along with them.

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Aimed at children aged 2 to 5, this app would probably be best for children that are just learning the alphabet or need a little bit of help reinforcing the concepts. Each of the 26 scenes features one letter, which is read by the narrator. Within each scene, every object can be clicked. When an object is clicked, the name of the object both appears on the screen and is read by the narrator. Young children will find the app delightful and fun.

Features include:

  • Teaches literacy skills
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Record your own narration


The illustrations are brightly colored. There are slight movements in each scene, which helps attract the child’s attention without going overboard. In addition, the standard narrators voice is very pleasing. Parents will be able to listen to the game over and over without growing tired of it. If you don’t like the narrator, you can record your own narration. This would be helpful for slightly older children who may not need quite as much help with the concepts.


Since the app features both the textual and audio forms of every word, it helps children learn more than just the alphabet. They will also learn how to read small words like dog, egg, and grass.


While the game is very cute, there isn’t a ton of interactivity. Once your child has clicked on everything in a scene and memorized all of the words available, there are no further levels to progress to. Also, if your child isn’t content sitting still to click on objects to learn the words, they may get bored easily. Most children will probably play the game frequently before tiring of it.


There is a lot of information available for $1.99. Children will learn multiple concepts while interacting with the scene. You will get quite a bit of replay out of the game before your child outgrows it.

Child Friendliness

Even though the adult’s menu is easily accessible, there aren’t any in-app purchases for the child to accidentally click on. Adding that to the bright illustrations and friendly voices, this app is obviously extremely child-friendly.

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