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Review Summary:

Kids Music Factory is an awesome app for music lovers and creators. Safe, easy to use and fun too!

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Kids Music Factory is an awesome music app for kids that not only teaches children to play a variety of songs, but also helps little composers create their own musical masterpieces easily. This app is great for music lovers of all ages, but especially those who are younger and enjoy funny sounds and sound effects used for various notes. With tons to do and much music to learn, this app is tons of fun and great for the entire family!

Features include:

  • 30 Musical sounds/characters
  • 20 Songs included
  • Free play option


The first things you notice in Kids Music Factory are the awesome illustrations and backgrounds that are included. The bright colors and images that are included are visually appealing and help to keep children engaged as they learn fun music and create their own songs. The set up of the app is fairly simple to use and is conducive for children exploring various aspects of the app without being too confused or getting stuck in any one area which is great. With this being a musical app the sound quality is great.


One of the things parents will love about this app is the ability for children to learn to follow patterns of notes as they learn to play various songs. The app includes colored notes with the Solfege scale that help children follow along to the tunes for each song. Another great thing about this app is that children can see how the note change the melody of the song as they watch it play. They also have the opportunity of adding different sounds to see how it effects the song.


Music lovers are going to love every aspect of this app, but especially the part that allows children to create their own musical masterpieces. There are 30 characters and instruments that make various sounds for children to use as they make their own songs which is a ton of fun. There is also the opportunity to record and play back songs over and over again which can prove to be a ton of fun for children. There are also a variety of background that users can customize for their own songs which adds personalization.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a good deal. There are a lot of opportunities to learn songs and create unique musical masterpieces to share with family and friends which is really great. Music lovers all around will truly enjoy this app and all it has to offer.

Child Friendliness

Parents will be happy to know that this app is easy to use for children of all ages. With a simple to use interface that includes guided music playing as well as opportunities for children to explore their own musical abilities this app is great for kids. There are also a variety of silly sound effects and instruments for children to explore.

Parents will also be happy to know that the settings area and the other apps areas are protected so children won’t end up in this area. There also aren’t any advertisements or in app purchases to be concerned with. One thing to note is the ability for children to share and email their composed songs which isn’t ideal in apps for kids. This function is not protected so parents will want to be aware of this feature.

With that said, the rest of the app is easy to use and safe for children of all ages.

Kids Music Factory is an awesome app for music lovers and creators. Safe, easy to use and fun too!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars