Henri le Worm – Learn and Play with his Amazing Cooking Adventures

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Review Summary:

Henri le Worm is a highly interactive adventure involving all sorts of aspects related to food as Henri and friends search for his missing cookbook.

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Henri le Worm’s adventure to find his missing cookbook in time for the competition will take the reader on a fact filled journey of Henri’s world.

Features include:

  • Story of the missing cookbook
  • Child-friendly recipes
  • Tons of interactivity throughout the story
  • Fun and interesting facts about food, insects, bugs and nature


Many great design elements can be found in this app, all of which come together nicely to make the app easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. Elements such as the page index allow the user to easily jump to different pages, lively music, colors and graphics bring the adorable characters to life even the evil ones are loveable.

An information section allows for the opportunity to learn more about all of those that helped make the app.


While Henri le Worm’s Cooking Adventures contains a story it isn’t your traditional ebook with the read alone or read to me options. The book and activities are all wrapped into one making it like an auto play with text available during most portions, text which is highlighted during the narration; recipes are available in a separate section. All of the interactivity is story related and will have the reader learning fun little facts along the way.

The child-friendly recipes are a fun way to extend the educational benefits of the app. Recipes contain color highlighted text indicating steps where kids could help and a chef hat indicating there is a chef’s note. Measurements are done using the metric system which may be confusing for kids here in the U.S. It would be beneficial to have conversions noted in the recipes.


The characters of Henri Le Worm’s cooking adventure are entertaining and the environment can be a bit stimulating making this one to possibly avoid at bedtime. It’s one that kids will enjoy returning to over and over again.


Priced at just under two dollars makes this app a good buy especially considering how long it will entertain the troops and all of the fun little facts they will learn. Being a universal app helps extend the value for families and schools.

Child Friendliness

The app interface is straightforward making it uncomplicated to navigate even for younger users; recipes and the story are available from the main page. The page index makes jumping around the activities and pages within the story effortless.

Henri le Worm’s Cooking Adventure does not contain in-app purchases, social media or external links.

Henri le Worm is a highly interactive adventure involving all sorts of aspects related to food as Henri and friends search for his missing cookbook.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars