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Green Rank: Save Our Oceans is a cute story with a wonderful message about saving the ocean and wildlife in it. Simple, educational, and free!

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Green Rank: Save Our Oceans is a cute storybook app featured in our At-A-Glance: Environment Apps for Kids post that teaches children the importance of keeping the beaches and oceans clean. With interactive features on each page that allows readers to help Ge clean up the ocean and beach and narration options, this app helps children stay engaged while they learn. A cute, educational story that is easy to use, Green Rank is a great app for young children.
Features include:

  • Environmental tips
  • Interactive illustrations/activities
  • Narration


Green Rank: Save Our Oceans is a great story with a powerful message for children that uses fun illustrations, simple interactive features, and fun music to keep children engaged. The graphics that are used are well done with various animals and bright colors that help to keep the app interesting. The background music is lively and the sound effects help to bring the app to life with wave and water sounds. The developers have also included simple, yet effective interactive activities within the app to help children stay engaged and to solidify the lesson about keeping the ocean clean as they read.


This app is a storybook app that provides children with tips on how to keep the oceans clean and why that is important. This story can be read with or without narration, however it does not include any text highlighting like many storybook apps on the market these days which can limit the ability for children to practice learning new words etc. The interactive features within the pages are simple yet very well done and help children learn to pick up recyclable materials from the beach to dispose of them properly in a recycle bin which is a great learning tool for young children.


Green Rank: Save Our Oceans is a cute, yet short story. Unfortunately this app does not include any additional activities or games outside of the interactive features in the story. While the interactive pieces do help to keep children engaged as they read, it would be nice to have additional activities for children to access from the main page to enhance the entertainment value of the app.


This short, educational storybook app is free to download and offers a limited number of pages. Parents may choose to purchase the full story for just under a dollar with the in app purchase if they want additional reading and learning material.  While the extra pages do offer more interactive illustrations to teach children bout saving water etc., it would be nice to include an additional activity to help add a bit more value.  With that said with a price tag of just under a dollar for the in app purchase, this app isn’t one that will break the bank.

Child Friendliness

It is always great to see children’s apps that are totally safe and easy to use and this app is great as far as that goes. With no advertisements or social media links parents can rest assured knowing that their child will be safe as they play. The in-app purchase and settings options are protected which is also great to see.

The developers have also done a great job making the app easy to use with narration options and arrows to help guide children through the book as well as instructions on how to complete each in story activity. Aside from not having text highlighting, this app is great for children of all ages.

Green Rank: Save Our Oceans is a cute story with a wonderful message about saving the ocean and wildlife in it. Simple, educational, and free!

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars