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Review Summary:

Gappy Learns Writing is a high quality app for early learners to practice writing and tracing their letters and have fun while they learn.

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Gappy Learns Writing is a great app for children just learning to write their letters. This app not only walks children through how to write each letter, but also touches on phonics as well. With an additional fun activity and rewards to earn, this app will inspire children to keep coming back to play and learn.

Features include:

  • Art activity
  • Reward system
  • Phonics
  • Letter tracing


Gappy Learns Writing is a great app that really helps children learn to trace both upper and lower case letters in an easy to use virtual environment without a bunch of bells and whistles that might distract them from learning. Not only can children simply practice tracing their letters by following a series of stars, but they can also learn to write and identify other letters in the mystery letter activity. While most of the graphics are the upper and lower case letters, there are also specific images that correspond to each letter to help with the phonics piece of the app as children make the connection with the letter, the sound, and the image they see.


As stated above, this app focuses primarily on tracing and writing upper/lower case letters. With two specific activities to do so, children will get a ton of practice with each letter. The other educational piece of the app helps children learn the sounds of each letter. For instance, in the mystery letter activity, children are asked to ‘guess’ the letter Gappy is thinking of. By following a moving star (along a dotted line), children are able to draw the actual letter she is thinking of. Players are then asked to tap the letter they just traced from a series of letters provided. When they select the correct letter, they unlock a new coloring page with an image on it that begins with the letter they just traced. The narrator also makes the sound of the letter and sounds out the word for them.

What I love about this app is that it isn’t just about tracing and writing letters. It also combines phonics and images to help children make the connection with each letter, picture, and sound. This is extremely important for early learners as many times they need more versatile learning techniques. This app also offers an area where children can simply practice tracing various letters without going through the mystery letter game.


In addition to the mystery letter activity for a bit of entertainment, children can also draw and color the various coloring pages they have unlocked. The art activity allows children to draw from scratch with various colors and utensils or they can simply color the pages they have earned in the activities. This activity not only helps motivate children to unlock more pages, but also gives them yet another place they can have a bit of fun.


Priced at just under one dollar, this app is a great deal. With three activities and many ways to practice writing letters not to mention the phonics piece of the app, this is a well-rounded app offered at a great price. It is also one that children will likely enjoy for several times over.

Child Friendliness

With no instructions needed to get started, this app is great for young children to utilize. The tracing concept is easy to follow and understand while the rest of the app is also very intuitive. Parents will also appreciate the fact that the parent area is protected and there are not any social media links in the app. There is a section of the app that shows other apps by the same developer, however there is no way for children to tap to purchase since they simply outline the other apps.

Gappy Learns Writing is a high quality app for early learners to practice writing and tracing their letters and have fun while they learn.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars