First Words Halloween

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  • First Words Halloween
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  • Last modified: September 29, 2014
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Review Summary:

First Words Halloween is a wonderful spelling & phonics app for kids that is both fun and educational.

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Price: $1.99
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First Words Halloween is a cute word game that is great for little ones that want to practice phonics and spelling. With the Halloween theme that is great for this time of year and fun images, this early learning app is both educational, engaging, and easy to use.

Features include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • 50+ Words
  • Phonics & Letter options
  • Fun illustrations


The developers have done a wonderful job creating a high quality app with an easy to use interface, cute illustrations, and sound effects that keep children engaged as they learn. With simple drag and drop functioning each letter can be moved into place with ease as players complete each word.


First Words Halloween is a great educational app for little ones that allows them to work on spelling simple words. With the phonics option, players can hear the sound for each letter as they drag and drop it into the appropriate place. The letter name option is great for children who need a bit of assistance with letter identification and spelling.

In addition to the 50+ words to practice spelling and sounding out there are also many game options that parents can use to customize the practice. Things like word order, letter order, letter hints, letter case etc. can be customized to best fit the child which provides a lot of flexibility for parents. Overall, this app is a great educational app for kids.


While there aren’t any additional educational games included in this app, the illustrations and sound effects that accompany each word make it engaging for young children. It would be nice to include some sort of reward system or have an additional activity to break up the educational features a bit and increase the entertainment value of the app.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is a great value. With so many customizable options for parents to set up and with over 50 words to learn, this app has a lot to offer in terms of educational value. Parents will be happy to know they can get plenty of spelling and phonics practice without breaking the bank.

Child Friendliness

Parents will be happy to know First Words Halloween is safe and simple for children to use. There are no accessible social media links or advertisements to be concerned about. The main page offers ‘more games’ and ‘options’ buttons, however they are protected. In the app itself there are also small information & settings buttons that allow parents to customize the app, but they too are protected.

Parents will also want to know that once players complete all of the words, they are brought to a page that includes other apps by the developer. While the buttons are protected, it isn’t ideal to have them in the playing area where children will be exposed to them. Moving all of the ‘other app’ buttons to the settings area is a simple move that will make a huge difference in the child friendliness of this app.

First Words Halloween is a wonderful spelling & phonics app for kids that is both fun and educational.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars