Best Fall Apps for Kids [Updated for 2020]

Your fall favorite apps are right here

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Fall Apps for Kids So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Crisp air, colorful leaves, and harvest time all are causes for celebration! The changing seasons are fascinating for kids, too. These are all great reasons to indulge in some fun fall apps with your children. Share the glory of the season with them while supporting the kinds of learning that will help them throughout their lives.

Fall is fun, and these apps help capture that feeling. Check them out! There’s something here for fall-lovers of all ages and stages.

Forest Pals Autumn

iOS App Store

Forestpals is a series of four apps, designed for children ages 2 through 5 years old.  With Forestpals, children can learn all about the different seasons.  Forestpals Autumn focuses on the Autumn season and features a nice mix of story, games and music for children to enjoy.  The app is great for introducing children to the concept of seasons, as it teaches simple lessons about nature and animals.  Fox, Squirrel and Rabbit will guide preschoolers through the woods and show them the changing of the seasons.

The app features bright, cheery graphics and animations, as well as a catchy sing-along song.  Games focus on skills such as memory, motor skills, shape recognition, counting and creativity (each game has 9 unlockable levels).  It costs $1.99 on the App Store. If you are looking for a fun app all about Autumn, be sure to check out Forestpals Autumn!

Sydney the Scarecrow

iOS App Store

Sydney the Scarecrow is an entertaining tale about friendship with a unique twist, it’s done in old-fashioned felt board style!  The app is filled with colorful felt board scenes and engaging interactions that little ones will love.  Kids can help the Felt Board Lady tell her story, as they interact with the scenes and all the cute animals – simply tap characters to animate scenery.  There is voice narration which guides children along throughout the story.

The app is recommended for children ages 2 through 6 years old. It costs $1.99. If you would like to share a fun story about the Fall season, be sure to check out Sydney the Scarecrow!

Peppa’s Seasons: Autumn

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Peppa Pig is a favorite character from books and television, and now she’s starring in a wonderful app for preschoolers that will knock your socks off. This app features four games to help children understand the changing seasons. They can pick fruit, build a snowman, control the weather, jump in muddy puddles, and more.

The app is $3.99 and also allows kids to collect stickers along the way, then use them to design their own seasonal pictures. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements, so you know you can let the little ones play with confidence in their safety.

Montessori Nature Autumn Crafts

iOS App Store

Kids will love using digital versions of fall leaves, seeds, and more to create delightful autumn creatures and scenes. The app will help young children develop their dexterity, fine motor coordination, and creativity. There are over 100 projects, and kids can save their work and edit it later if they wish.

Kids will love the ways they can play with this app, and it is designed to transfer out into the real world to projects you can make with materials that are likely to be around your house or out in your yard. It costs $2.99 on the App Store, and is sure to provide hours of fun.


Escape Game: Autumn

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

If this free app doesn’t put you in a fall mood, nothing will! It’s an escape puzzle that will challenge your wits and patience. The game is suitable for kids and adults who enjoy finding creative solutions to puzzles. Simply tap on the item you want to explore more closely.

Developers have included hints, so no worries if you get stuck. When the game is done, there are a few other activities and puzzles to enjoy. There are no in-app purchases here, and it’s highly rated on both app stores, so you may have found your new fall pastime!


Hidden Objects: Autumn Harvest & Halloween Object

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

This search-and-find game is suitable for children or adults, with over 30 levels of fall fun. It features gorgeous graphics and three modes of play: Traditional, Chill, and Adventure. You can zoom in to help yourself find objects, too. Challenge scenes have missing letter puzzles, bonus items, and more.

The game is free to download. It offers an in-app purchase of ninety-nine cents to remove the advertisements and to open up more items to find.



Jigsaw Puzzle Autumn

iOS App Store

This children’s puzzle app features 50 different pictures that can be set to easy (6 pieces), normal (12 pieces) or hard (20 pieces) levels. The graphics are excellent, and children will love the music, animations, and other goodies built into the app.

Jigsaw puzzles such as these promote so much more than fine motor skills. Kids will learn about abstract thinking, how to focus in on just a part of the whole, and much more. These skills are crucial to later success in school and in life.



Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles

Google Play Store

Here’s a puzzle app for kids and adults. It features four puzzle modes and 9 to 1600 pieces. Once you finish, you can save your work to SD. It’s perfect for children and adults.

The app is free to download, and there are in-app purchases available. These are ninety-nine cents each. Remember that jigsaw puzzles are hugely helpful to children’s development, and they can help keep older brains sharp. Digital puzzles like these have one big advantage over their real-world counterparts-no pieces to get lost!


Autumn Sequence

iOS App Store

This autumn-themed matching and sequencing game starts out easy enough for younger children, then moves to harder levels that will challenge older kids. Sequencing is not just a game for preschoolers! The app has two modes: Practice and Challenge. Practice mode features three levels of increasing difficulty. Challenge mode  (available with an in-app purchase of ninety-nine cents) truly is a challenge, since players not only have to sequence items, they also have to recall them.

The app is free on the App Store. In addition to the in-app purchase to open the Challenge mode, there is an optional in-app purchase to remove the advertisements for another ninety-nine cents. The app does support Game Center and Family Sharing.