Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef

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Review Summary:

Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef is a creative app for kids that allows children to recreate interesting sandwich art with delicious, healthy foods.

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Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef is another creative and fun app in the Duckie Deck series that will inspire children to use their imaginations as they put together silly sandwich faces using healthy foods. This simple app is full of wonderful images, bright colors, and sound effects that children are going to love. After playing with this app, little ones may end up getting quite creative during meal time.

Features include:

  • 10 Sandwich scenes
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Easy to use


Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef is not only full of creative sandwich scenes to recreate, but it also includes lots of bright colors and catchy music to keep children engaged. The developers have done an overall great job making a simple app fun for little ones as they tap and drag food items across the screen into the appropriate place to recreate the scene. As they do, they hear realistic sound effects that include chopping, cutting, and even munching once their scene is complete. The great sound quality and bright images really help children remain engaged as they play this simple, yet entertaining app.


Not rated for education.


There is no doubt that young children are going to enjoy this app as they create fun sandwich art. There are 10 different scenes to recreate that include a clock, a boat, a whale, a snowman and so much more. All of the pictures are recreated using healthy foods like tomatoes, carrots, olives, cheese, eggs, and many other delicious items. By simply tapping and touching the screen children are able to easily chop the various items as necessary before placing them in the appropriate place on the sandwich. After their masterpiece is complete, they can tap the sandwich to ‘eat’ it until it is gone.

While the app is fairly simple and quite creative, it would be nice to include a free play option where children can create their own images using the various foods. Even with 10 scenes to recreate, the app could use an added activity or two to keep children coming back for more.


Priced at just under two dollars this app will not break the bank at all. It is a creative app, but it could use a few other activities or options to help enhance the overall value of the app. Adding a free play option with a gallery would also help to increase the value of the app.

Child Friendliness

All of the Duckie Deck apps are very simple for children to use and this app is no different. The developers have made it easy for kids to cut and place the items on the sandwich by showing dotted templates of where the food should be placed on the bread. As children tap on the piece of food, the template appears which is great for young users. This tap and touch functioning ensures that little ones will not need a ton of assistance to move through the app.

Parents will also appreciate the fact that there are no in app purchases, social media links, or advertisements included which makes this app not only easy to use, but completely safe for children of all ages.

Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef is a creative app for kids that allows children to recreate interesting sandwich art with delicious, healthy foods.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars