Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff

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  • Rated 4.5 stars
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    Editor: 100%
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    Editor: N/A%
  • Entertainment
    Editor: 90%
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    Editor: 90%
  • Child Friendly
    Editor: 100%

Review Summary:

Duckie Deck Huff n' Puff is a highly creative yet simple app that allows players to interact with various images by blowing into a microphone. A simple yet creative app that is a ton of fun!

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Price: $2.99
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Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff is a very creative and cute app that children are going to love for the pure simple fun it involves. The developers have taken a very simple concept of blowing into the microphone and created an entire app with tons of fun visuals and sound effects to create a highly entertaining app for young children. Simple, creative, and lots of fun!

Features include:

  • Bright colors
  • Fun concept
  • Simple set up


Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff is a fairly simple yet highly entertaining app for kids. The developers have utilized the microphone function to create a unique app that allows children to easily interact with the app by blowing items around on the screen. In addition to the microphone being utilized, there are a wide variety of bright colors and fun visuals for children to enjoy. The sound effects coincide with the items such as a trumpet being played or a whistle as well as a little character making fun noises each time players shift to a new scene. Overall, this app is wonderful as far as quality is concerned.


Not rated for education.


Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff is not only a highly entertaining app for children, but it is one parents can enjoy with their kids. This silly app is simple, but oh so much fun as children get to blow various items using the microphone of the device they are using. There are so many creative options available including a cup of hot chocolate, a trumpet, a whistle, snowflakes, and many more! Children are going to not only have fun blowing into the app and watching the images react with every breath, but they will also enjoy the great sound effects that go along with the app including the little character in the corner of the screen. This little guy makes silly noises as he helps to change each backdrop when he is tapped.


Priced at just under a dollar, this app is priced very well! Parents will be happy to know that this highly entertaining app will not break the bank, but it is sure to provide hours of play for young children.

Child Friendliness

Creative, easy to use, and safe too! Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff does not include any social media links or advertisements for parents to be concerned with. Children can freely explore the various images and illustrations they can huff and puff on without getting into areas they shouldn’t be. They can also do this very easily since all they have to do is tap the character in the corner to change images and blow into the microphone. Super simple and lots of fun.

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