Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings

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Review Summary:

Help kids learn to recognize their feelings while playing along with Daniel Tiger in this cute app.

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Kids get to interact with one of their favorite characters, Daniel Tiger, as he teaches them to recognize and handle their emotions. They learn about emotions through mini games, scenarios, drawing activities, photographs, and addicting songs. As kids see Daniel Tiger learn to handle his emotions, they begin to learn how to handle their own. This may prove especially useful for children with special needs who need to see emotions handled in healthy ways.

Features include:

  • The Trolley Game with mini games
  • Emotions photograph activity
  • Fun drawing activity
  • Emotions sing-along


This app from PBS Kids doesn’t disappoint in quality. It offers brightly colored graphics, Daniel Tiger’s trademark voice and theme song, and high quality activities for kids. While Daniel Tiger offers basic instructions to kids such as, “Let’s go through the tunnel” or “Tap any of these to play,” kids have to figure out how to play. Thankfully, the activities are fairly intuitive and it’s easy for kids to figure out how to play. They’ll quickly get into the activities and start listening to the fun songs.


Kids learn about their emotions in multiple ways. They can play the Trolley Game where they get to complete different activities related to their emotions. For example, they help Daniel Tiger ask for help when frustrated or use a flashlight to find a noise when he’s feeling scared. Each activity includes a snippet of the related song that kids can find in the sing-along section. They can also learn about emotions by taking pictures to mimic Daniel Tiger’s emotions or head to the drawing easel to create pictures related to their emotions. All of the different experiences help kids get in touch with their emotions and learn how to express them in healthy ways.


With four different activities, as well as more activities within each activity, kids will spend a lot of time interacting with Daniel Tiger. The fun will continue outside the app too as kids sing the songs they learn during the sing-along. You may catch them singing “take a step back and ask for help” or “saying I’m sorry is the first step.” The more they sing the songs, the more kids will hopefully apply the lessons to their own lives.


Kids will love getting to interact with one of their favorite PBS Kids characters and they’ll get to do it in many different ways. The large amount of songs alone makes Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings worth every penny. The mini games, drawing easel, and photo booth are just bonus features.

Child Friendliness

Daniel Tiger takes kids emotions and their online safety seriously. Links to apps and parental content are hidden behind a parental block leaving kids to focus on the activities. All of the emotions covered are focused on kids and the ways they tend to experience emotions such as anger, frustration, worry, and feeling sorry.

Help kids learn to recognize their feelings while playing along with Daniel Tiger in this cute app.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars