Choro & Robin adventure

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Review Summary:

A delightful story has kids follow an adorable cat, Choro, and a helpful Robin as they head out on a day filled with adventure.

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Choro, an adorable cat, and his sidekick, Robin, are heading on an adventure and inviting kids to join them. In this beautifully illustrated, interactive storybook, kids can accompany Choro and Robin as they interact with owls, squirrels, chickens, and lots of other animals. They’ll take pictures, gather nuts, snip their way through a jungle, roll down a grass-covered hill, and even blow out the candles on a birthday cake. At the end, kids will get to join Choro, Robin, and their friends for a fun dance party to celebrate completing a day filled with adventure.

Features include:

  • Available in six languages
  • Read to Me and Read to Myself options
  • Animated characters and interactive illustrations
  • Mini games within the story


Choro & Robin adventure is a beautifully illustrated story with lots of interactivity to help keep kids entertained. The activities within the story incorporate different technologies, including touch and tilt movements, voice-activated action, and even kids’ favorite music. All of the activities come with clear instructions and it’s easy to navigate from page to page.


The story offers a Read to Me option to cater to younger readers and a Read to Myself option for older readers. However, the story itself lacks a traditional storyline, which may make it difficult for kids to follow. Instead, kids read short sentences describing a variety of different scenarios and must connect them back to the general storyline without much help from the text. In addition to the reading aspect, some of the mini games help kids with basic skills. For example, one game has kids collect 10 nuts, building their basic counting skills.


Rather than a traditional story, the eBook is a series of fun activities, making it very entertaining for kids. They’ll get to take photos of owls having fun at a tea party, put together broken portraits, catch fish, and even blow out the candles on a birthday cake as part of the day’s adventure. The variety of games, along with the very likable main characters, helps ensure kids will really enjoy playing this app.


Although priced higher than many eBooks, Choro & Robin adventure still offers a fairly good value for the money. Rather than providing a traditional story, kids get page after page of interactive activities to help entertain them, while tying it all back to a central story at the beginning and end.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find the story easy to use, but may have some trouble with some of the activities. For example, kids must take a picture of owls laughing, but could have trouble capturing the moment, and must use scissors to cut their way through the jungle, but will find the process takes a long time. When kids do have trouble with the games, they can tap on Robin to get visual clues, which help a little bit, and most of the time they can move on to the next page without completing the activity. Parents will appreciate the basic parental lock which keeps kids from access social media and other links, but may not like the use of the microphone to blow out the candles and the ability to access the iPad’s music files for the final dance party.

A delightful story has kids follow an adorable cat, Choro, and a helpful Robin as they head out on a day filled with adventure.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars