Best Geography Apps for Kids [Updated for 2020]

Maps, capitals, countries and much more

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Geography Apps for Kids So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Everyone should learn about the world and its countries to be well-educated and aware. Plus, most people find other cultures to be interesting or even fascinating. With the advent of the internet and instant communication, we are closer to one another than ever before. And the time to teach children to be accepting and understanding of other cultures is right now. The experiences you help them have in childhood will shape who they become as adults. 

Are you looking for a way to teach your children or students geography? Wish you personally knew your world maps and capitals better? This list of geography apps will help you get there. From the close-to-home apps about the United States to more exotic apps about other countries, this list is exactly what you need right now!

Geography Drive Arcade

iOS App Store / Google Play Storee

Time to brush up on your U.S. geography with a fun fast-paced quiz game!  Geography Drive Arcade features four fun mini-games that are designed to help kids learn the shape, spelling, flag and capital of every state in America.  The four games included are as follows: 1) The State Shape Challenge – kids must correctly identify a state shape, 2) The Flagstaff State Flag Game – kids are shown several state flags and asked to find the flag for a specific state, 3) The State Capital Challenge – kids are given a list of all the state capitals and told the name of a state, they must pick the capital that matches that state, and 4) The Honolulu Spelling Bee – kids are asked to spell each state name.

In addition to the mini-games, there is also a helpful study map of America, as well as 50 state brochures packed with facts and historical information.  For a small investment (ninety-nine cents), you can have loads of geographic info plus fun games at your fingertips. This app would be a great way to click away the miles during your next family road trip!

Kids Planet Discovery!

iOS App Store

Would you like to teach your child a little bit more than just the states, maybe something a little more on a global scale?  Meet Kids Planet Discovery, the app that will teach children about the world through music, cultures, animals and much more!  There are various topics to choose from, such as: Planet Music, Discover Africa, Discover India, USA Puzzle, Planet Cultures and Planet Animals.

Through matching games, musical games, memory games and puzzles, kids will learn all about different cultures and countries.  The app is free to download, and includes some in-app purchases. You can add to the collections of information for $1.99 to $2.99 or unlock everything for $4.99. If you would like to explore the planet with your child, be sure to check this one out!

State Bingo and Road Trip US

iOS App Store

The perfect road trip companion for any family – Meet State Bingo and Road Trip US.  Time to buckle up and ride across the US with Pep the car and discover the amazing destinations and sights of our country!  There are two fun games to play: State Bingo and Road Trip US.  With State Bingo, kids will play bingo as they solve state riddles and put their navigational skills (and map reading) to the test.  Each win sends a state to statehood!

The Road Trip US game is a fun game in which kids can travel the country coast to coast by answering questions correctly.  The goal is to reach the destination before all your tires go flat – wrong answers cause flat tires!  Both games can be played in easy, medium and hard – allowing for children of various skill levels to play.  The app costs $2.99.  This is a great app for kids who want to learn anything and everything about the US, including state capitals, state shapes, US regions, state landmarks and facts, national parks and much more!

GeoChallenge Quiz Game

iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

Test knowledge of flags, borders, cities, and landmarks around the world with this engaging and gorgeously-illustrated app. Use the Training mode to increase your knowledge, then hook up with the Challenge mode where you have 60 seconds to answer questions in all categories.

The app keeps leader board stats so you can compete with friends (or siblings). It’s free to download, and offers an in-app purchase to remove the advertisements for $1.99.


Stack the Countries

iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

How about some arcade fun while you learn about countries around the world? This app teaches you about each country’s capital, landmarks, and geographic features. Once you’ve mastered a country and explored it thoroughly, stack them to reach the checkered goal line at the top of the screen.

There are 193 interactive flashcards to help you learn. There are over 1000 unique questions. Players can also choose to focus their learning on a single continent or go global. The app costs $2.99 and offers a unique way to study geography.


iOS App Store

Test your geography knowledge against players around the world with this app.  You will learn about (and compete on) Country name, Capitals, their location, Areas, Population,  and Flags. The app shows standings of a whole world of players, so you can compare your know-how to the best of the best.

The app is free to try and play. You can unlock all the levels with an in-app purchase of $1.99.