At-A-Glance: Dinosaur Apps for Kids

This month we have compiled a diverse set of exciting apps for the dinosaur lover in your home. Books, art, education, and just plain fun, we have included something for everyone.


Jonty The Dinosaur

Jonty the Dinosaur is a cute interactive ebook that every child will relate to. The main character, Jonty, has a great day filled with exciting and fun pastimes and then finds he cannot go to sleep that night. Children can try all sorts of tactics to help the poor dinosaur get some shuteye, and finally, Jonty nods off.

Alphabet of Dinosaurs

Another wonderful Oceanhouse Media digital book that teaches children all about dinosaurs with a variety of fun facts, rhyming passages, and vivid illustrations. It also offers text highlighting, narration options, and voice record to assist early readers move through the app with ease.

SOS Dinos in Distress

SOS Dinos in Distress is a charming storybook app that takes readers on a dinosaur mystery expedition with Thaddeus Getsit-Wright. Fun, engaging, and a wonderful story that little dinosaur lovers will absolutely fall in love with.

Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure

Join Millie as she ventures back in time for a simple enough task only to find she has gone a bit too far. This dinosaur adventure is creative, fun, and is sure to be a favorite!

Dinosaur Train A to Z

Dinosaur Train A to Z is an awesome educational app that teaches children a ton of great information about dinosaurs through various interactive images and narrated text. It includes 26 animated dinosaurs, wonderful illustrations, and an easy to use platform that is perfect for the dinosaur lover in your home!

Velociraptor: Small and Speedy

The small, but fast and fierce velocirpator comes to life in this high-quality animate eBook from Oceanhouse Media. Full of fabulous illustrations, text highlighting, narration options, and voice record, this eBook is one of a kind.

Ansel & Clair: Jurassic Dinosaurs

Join Ansel & Clair on another adventure to explore and learn about the Jurassic dinosaurs in this highly educational app. This hands-on app takes children on a journey into how fossils are found and the types of dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic period.

Ansel & Clair: Cretaceous Dinosaurs

If you liked Ansel and Clair: Jurassic Dinosaurs, then you are going to love this app. A must have for dinosaur lovers or anyone wanting a fun and interactive way to learn more about dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period.

Triceratops Gets Lost

Triceratops Gets Lost is another great eBook from Oceanhouse Media that dinosaur fans will love. It includes fabulous graphics, information, and narration options that allow early readers to enjoy this app on their own.