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Allowance & Chore Bot allow families to easily track chores, allowance, and saving in one app that the whole family can use!

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Allowance & Chores Bot is another one of our featured apps in the Chores & Behavior Apps for Kids post that helps parents and kids keep track of chores to be done and allowance earned. After a bit of parent set up, this app will help kids track their chores, earnings, and spending all in one place. This app is a great way to keep families on track and in sync with daily and weekly chores and is especially great for those with multiple children.

Features include:

  • Parental set-up
  • Chore set-up/tracking
  • Allowance tracking
  • Multiple profiles


While this app does require an initial set-up from a parent, it is fairly easy to use. With one profile for each child, specific tasks that are scheduled and approved by a parent (using a special code that they set up), and a variety of ways to track progress, this app seems to have it all. While there aren’t a ton of audio and visual bells and whistles, this app delivers with making it easy for parents and children to track chores and allowance in one place.


The main purpose of this app is to create a one stop shop for families to assign and complete chores. This tracking system allows parents to schedule specific chores on the days they should be completed by each child and provides them with the opportunity to approve/disapprove each task. Parents also get to dictate how much is earned each week for the chores completed. Another great feature is the ability for parents to reward or punish the child monetarily by adding more money or reducing the weekly allowance at the parents discretion. This can all be done using the parent code that they create during the initial set up. As tasks are assigned, children can access them through the app on a variety of devices.

This app also gives children the opportunity to learn a bit of money management. Not only do they get to see what they have earned each week, but parents can also track what is spent as a way to teach children how to manage their money. Overall, I think this is a great app to use with families who have several children to help instill a bit of responsibility in regards to chores and money management.


Not rated for entertainment.


It’s hard to believe that an app with so many functions can be so affordable, but this app is priced at just under three dollars. With the ability to track several children and the ease of use, this app is well worth the money.

Child Friendliness

While both parents and children will be using this app it seems most of it is going to be set up by the parent. The portion that children have access to is simple to use and easy to understand. There is a very simple calendar that shows what tasks must be accomplished in order to get their allowance. Parents will then get to approve the task and award the allowance each week as necessary, so the upkeep of the tasks, money, etc. are all protected by the parent code. The settings page is protected by the parent code, however the feedback button and ‘rate this app’ link that appears in the side panel is not. Since children will be using this app in addition to parents it would be nice to have this area protected as well.

Allowance & Chore Bot allow families to easily track chores, allowance, and saving in one app that the whole family can use!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars