ABC Phonics: Songs, Tracing, Games and Photo Frames! Review

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  • ABC Phonics: Songs, Tracing, Games and Photo Frames!
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  • Last modified: July 21, 2017
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Review Summary:

It has been a while since I have reviewed an alphabet app that I have really, really loved. If you are looking for an all-inclusive, educational, entertaining and high-quality phonics app, then you need to check out ABC Phonics: Songs, Tracing, Games and Photo Frames! The name of the app says it all. This app has entertaining songs, tracing activities, games and more for every letter of the alphabet.

The fun begins by choosing a letter of the alphabet, for example the letter A. A jazzy and catchy tune and video plays about a sneezing, angry Alligator who wants an apple, an airplane with ants on it and says ACHOO! Letter B’s song and video are about Bears who bounce a ball that goes BOING and birds who blow bubbles. All of the songs are sung to tunes that are familiar to children which make them easy to remember. For example, the letter A song is sung to the tune of BINGO. Next, your children can practice tracing each letter with their finger on fun templates that use the illustrations from the videos to guide them. So for the letter A, they must drag the alligator down the letter to pick up apples along the way. Each apple they reach makes the narrator say the aaa sound. Finally there is a fun game to play that reinforces the letter sounds they have learned in the other 2 activities. They must tap the collection of ants on the screen to reveal the letter A or pop bubbles that contain words that start with the letter B as they fall down. As a bonus, there are fun picture frame templates for every letter of the alphabet. Your child can pose as if they are taking a big bite of a cartoon apple or blowing bubbles out of an illustrated bubble blower. My kids had so much fun with this feature, taking silly pictures of each other in different poses.

I absolutely love this app. There are so many quality activities that are included that it would be wonderful tool for teaching your children the alphabet letters and sounds at home or in a classroom setting. The videos are very well done and I loved every one of the songs. I really liked how they put them to the tune of familiar songs that children would already know so it is easier for them to remember. The tracing activities were fun and the game or activity for each level does a fantastic job of reinforcing letter names and sounds. And I’ve already mentioned the fun we’ve had with the picture frame templates! The only downfall to this app in my opinion is the price. You can download letters A – D for free, with additional letters available to purchase in-app for $1.99 each. Or, you can purchase the entire alphabet for $15.99. Normally, I am kind of stingy when it comes to purchasing an app for more than $2.00 but for an app as fabulous as this one, I would totally pay the $15.99 for the entire collection. ABC Phonics is one of those apps that you don’t mind your kids playing for hours on a road trip or in the car as you run errands because it is fun and holds their attention, but it is very educational as well. Teachers, parents, babysitters…this app is one you should not pass up!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars