7 Little Words Adventures 1

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7 Little Words Adventures 1 is another great word and puzzle app for children to challenge them as they learn new words.

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7 Little Words Adventures is another great word puzzle app that will challenge and entertain children for hours (much like the app 7 Little Words for Kids). For natural wordsmiths and those who enjoy a good challenge, this adventure and vacation themed app is fun, entertaining, and educational. Great for children to use on road trips or other times they want some quiet play time.

Features include:

  • 7 Levels
  • 350 Puzzles
  • Hint system


7 Little Words Adventures 1 is not only easy to use, but it is also very well done as far as the illustrations are concerned. With each new puzzle comes a picture that is revealed piece-by-piece with each new puzzle that is solved correctly. The user interface makes it easy for children to shuffle the word pieces and to select and guess the appropriate words based on the clues provided. As an added bonus, the developers have also included a ‘hint’ option to help children in case they get stuck.


This app is not only a good way for children to practice spelling words, but it also helps children learn new words as well. Each puzzle has 7 clues that players use to guess the correct word. There is a bank of phrases that they must use in order to correctly spell the words and guess the puzzle. For instance, to spell the word ‘vision’ they might have ‘vi’ and ‘sion’ as two separate entries. As children move through each puzzle they can also shuffle the phrases to help as well. Overall this is a great app for learning.


7 Little Words Adventures 1 is not only educational, but it is fun too. For children who enjoy a challenge and love puzzles, this app is great. In addition to solving the word puzzles and moving up through the levels, children can also enjoy searching for a hidden owl that appears within some of the images. This little added activity gives children something else to aim for as they solve each puzzle.


Priced at just under a dollar, this app is an absolute steal! With 7 levels and 350 puzzles to solve, parents might expect to pay a lot more and when you consider what you might pay for that many puzzles in book form. Overall, children are going to have a ton of fun for hours and parents won’t have to pay a fortune for that.

Child Friendliness

7 Little Words Adventures 1 is very intuitive and easy to use. Children will be able to easily move through the app with no problem as they tap and touch the word segments to solve each puzzle. The ‘hint’ feature is also a great way to help children as they play in case they get stuck on any one puzzle. One thing parents will want to be aware of is the “more games” button on the main page. This provides a list of (and link to) other apps by the same developer and the links are not protected which could result in access to the App Store. Parents will also want to know about the “rate our app” button that appears in the app itself and is shown on each puzzle.

7 Little Words Adventures 1 is another great word and puzzle app for children to challenge them as they learn new words.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars