10 Most Popular Reviewed Kids Apps for 2014

As apps get better and better, it gets more difficult to pick our favorites each year. This year we scoured our archives to find out which were the most popular reviews. The reviews of these kids apps received more readers than all other apps in our 1000+ database.

It is especially interesting to note that 3 of the 10 apps focussed on tracing letters, and 6 of the 10 aimed towards the kindergarten and younger age group. Apps for preschoolers are especially important for parents trying to get their children ready for kindergarten.

While the most popular doesn’t always mean the best, these reviewed apps are considered by us to be “the best apps for kids”.

#1 iTraceiTrace — handwriting for kids

Whether using their fingers or a stylus, kids can learn to write by tracing letters, numbers, words, and even their own names.

#2photo (3) Math Vs Zombies 2

Race to turn the zombies into humans while building basic math skills through 7 fun games and 84 levels of play.

#3 driveaboutDrive About: Number Neighborhood

Take a trip around Number Neighborhood where kids can drive, fly, and float to a variety of activities related to number recognition and building basic math skills. As they explore the neighborhood, kids will not only learn about their numbers, they’ll also have a lot of fun.

#4image1 ABC Learn and Trace Letters

Unique descriptions help kids learn new ways to make their letters.

Gappy#5 Gappy Learns Writing

Gappy Learns Writing is a high quality app for early learners to practice writing and tracing their letters and have fun while they learn.

#6 Read With Me FluencyRead With Me Fluency

The Read With Me Fluency app offers a simple and convenient way to assess student reading to teachers, parents, tutors, and others who need to monitor progress. The app allows users to administer an informal reading inventory (a common tool) to single students or entire classrooms or groups.

# 7image(53)uKloo

A simple yet entertaining app, uKloo will provide hours of practice with basic reading and comprehension skills.

#8 Explore ActivityiSort Words

iSort Words is an excellent tool for practice with word families. It will build crucial speed with identifying words, it offers a wide array of rime patterns, and it’s fun.

#9 kidawesome Kid Awesome Kindergarten

Kid Awesome Kindergarten will really take young students through their paces, and they will hardly know it’s an educational app because it is so incredibly engaging.

#10image(38) Phonics: Fun on Farm

Phonics: Fun on Farm is a fun and educational app that will help young children learn basic literacy skills through playful activities.