Visual Math Word Problems

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Review Summary:

Young elementary aged children learn to solve mathematical word problems using visual techniques.

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Visual Math Word Problems is intended for children in first and second grade who either are learning or need help improving their ability to solve word problems.

Features include:

  • Write on the screen or use provided objects to assist in solving problems
  • Step-by-step guidance for incorrect answers
  • Basic progress tracking


The app interface is basic in design, therefore, making it easy for young children to use. Most text can be narrated. The voice used for narration needs to be less computerized sounding making it easier to understand and more friendly. An option to mute narration is available in the app and volume can be controlled by the device volume controls. Sounds used for providing feedback to the user need the same controls. They are too loud and can be startling for some children.

Some of the minor linguistic errors in the text (and narration) of word problems may cause a little confusion for beginning readers.


Six worksheets and one quiz are available to practice solving word problems using different approaches. All can be repeated; problems in the worksheets do not change, quiz problems are randomly generated. Ideally, the word problems on worksheets could be randomly generated with each use.

Progress is displayed for each problem and an overall score on each quiz and worksheet.

The visual techniques used in the worksheets and quizzes will aide users in solving the problems. These techniques include things such as the ability to write on the screen, circling a group of objects, crossing objects off as you count or writing their answer on the screen. Another technique is being able to place objects such as cars or air planes on the screen to solve the problem. There is no time limit in solving the problem and no limit on how much writing or placing of objects so kids could become distracted and may need adult supervision to keep them on track.

If the user answers incorrectly on a worksheet step-by-step guidance is given in solving the problem correctly.


This app is not being rated for entertainment.


This iPad only app needs a few design improvements and additional content to bump up the value rating; adding multiple user profiles would help, too.

Child Friendliness

This app almost received a perfect score for being child friendly. It does not contain social media, in-app purchases or ads; sadly, a rating popup does appear in an area where children could access it. The popup needs to be removed or placed in a protected section for parents.

Young elementary aged children learn to solve mathematical word problems using visual techniques.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars