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Review Summary:

A great app that allows children and parents to spend time together as they learn about a wide variety of trees and utilize that knowledge on nature walks or hikes.

A great app that allows children and parents to spend time together as they learn about a wide variety of trees and utilize that knowledge on nature walks or hikes.



Trees Pro HD is another great nature app featured in our At-A-Glance: Outdoor Apps For Kids post and it is full of high quality images, wonderful information about various trees and some really great features to assist in the learning and exploring process. This app is perfect to use on nature walks or while hiking and can be used as a learning tool for children and parents as they discover and learn about a wide variety of trees they may encounter on their voyage.

Features include:

  • Quiz game
  • 40 Species in free version
  • High quality images
  • Scientific names


Trees Pro HD is full of high quality images and photographs of each tree species and includes a wide variety of images for each. In addition to the high quality images the developers have organized the information in an easy to use format. The set up allows users to see the list of trees available for viewing as well as the selected option and all the information included.

The notes section is also a great feature for users to add their own notes about various trees they may have found. They can log the exact location of the tree by using the GPS location and can email their notes to others as well.


For each tree species there are a variety of images of the tree in various stages of growth, seeds, fruit etc. that will assist parents and children in identifying their findings. In addition to the images, the scientific names are includes as well as the leaf shape, color, fruit types, unique characteristics, habitat, distribution, and other facts about the species. In the event users want more information than what is provided in the app, they can select the “more on Wikipedia” button to access the Wikipedia page for that particular species. (Note: this page opens in a different window so it will not interfere with the app.)

The information included in this app is more than enough for children to be able to learn about and identify various tree species in nature and it is a great way for them to apply their information out in nature. Parents will not be disappointed with the educational component of this app because there is so much to learn.


While this app is primarily an educational app, there is also a quiz game included that will allow children to test themselves on the information they have learned. Parents may also want to create a game using the information in the app as they accompany their child on a nature walk or hike to identify and log various trees they find.


This particular app is free and offers 40 different species of trees which is a great deal. Parents may want to check out the free version prior to purchasing one of the two additional versions that provide access to many more tree species and photos. One option includes an additional 105 trees with another 1120 photos and is priced just under three dollars which is still a very good deal. The other paid option provides an additional 56 trees with 600 more photos for the same price.

After trying the free version of this app, parents may decide to purchase one of the two paid options to expose their children to more trees and to expand upon what they have already learned. One thing is for sure, whether they are using the free version or one of the full versions, users will certainly learn a great deal about a wide variety of trees.

Child Friendliness

The set-up of this app is visually appealing so younger children will likely enjoy looking at the pictures while older children may do most of their learning by reading through the information included. It is a pretty intuitive interface and doesn’t require much explanation to get started at all, however parents may want to use the app with their child as they learn about the various trees as well.

While there are not any social media links included, there are the two in-app purchase options to buy the additional information as well as a small button that provides information for other Nature Mobile apps. Parents will want to be aware of those additional items when allowing their children use the app.

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