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Review Summary:

Younger kids can get in on the digital building craze.

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Price: $3.99 AppStore User Rating: 4


At first glance, Toca Builders is complicated. Kids are given a grid on which to create a world and six characters to use to create it. For parents, the lack of instructions as kids play the game may seem a little frustrating, but it’s not for kids. After tapping around briefly to get their bearings straight, most kids will jump right into the app and start creating a world.

Kids will not be designing complicated cities or architectural masterpieces within Toca Builders, but they will be able to paint the ground and other surfaces, stack and stretch blocks and even knock them all down. They can build trees, create lakes and rivers and add whatever they want to their virtual world.

Features include:

  • Creative freedom
  • Multiple ways to build
  • Controls require more than tapping


Like most Toca apps, Toca Builders is designed to be a high-quality app. Graphics are crisp and clear. Colors are bright and bold. Kids will be immediately drawn to the look and feel of the app because it has been designed with them in mind. The designers did not add a lot of spoken or written instructions to cloud up the app. Instead they use icons with symbols kids will learn to recognize and icons that respond as soon as they are clicked on. They also encourage kids to move beyond tapping, having them roll, stretch and move the characters in other unique ways as they create their worlds.


Creativity is the focus of Toca Builders. Parents are encouraged to talk with kids about their virtual worlds and make up stories to go along with them. Problem-solving also comes into play as kids try to bring the vision of their world to life. They must figure out how to use the six tools they are given to create items such as trees or to add doors and windows to buildings.


Some kids will spend hours designing, building and perfecting their virtual worlds. Others will build a few structures, knock them down and start over again. Whichever method of play your child prefers, the app is designed to work for them. Kids will have fun experimenting with the different tools and watching their virtual worlds come to life. They will also like the option to take pictures of their progress as they go. If you don’t want your Camera Roll loaded with images from Toca Builders, be sure to turn the snapshots setting off.


Older kids have apps and programs such as Minecraft and Eden, but there’s really nothing else like Toca Builders for younger children. That fact alone makes the app worth the price.

Child Friendliness

Toca designs apps with kids in mind and Toca Builders is no exception. Instead of wasting time on large amounts of written instructions, designers focused on creating icons, images and menus that kids can understand. There is no third-party advertising within the app and any sections designed for adults are only accessible by swiping with two fingers.

Younger kids can get in on the digital building craze.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars