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Help Tiny the chicken save the world by defeating Dr. Evil and his agents as they attempt to move the continents into the shape of a rooster. Tiny is an expert in geography and must use his expertise to help locate Dr. Evil’s agents by decoding messages that lead to their location. In Tiny Countries, players help Tiny answer geography questions to assist him on his mission to defeat Dr. Evil and to save the world while learning fun facts about the countries they encounter along the way.

Features include:

  • 75 countries in 6 continents
  • 15 missions to unlock and master
  • Mission profiles to learn about countries, capitals, and other interesting facts
  • Easy to use interface

Tiny Countries has an animated comic book feel to it with vibrant colors, unique characters, animation, and audio that make this one of the better quality apps I have seen. The application moves seamlessly from one page to the next as Tiny the chicken chases after Dr. Evil’s agents to save the world. With each new mission players have the opportunity to review the mission file in order to gain insightful information that will allow them to successfully follow and locate the agents around the world.

Once players begin a new mission, they must correctly answer a series of questions regarding items such as the capital of a country, bordering countries, or specific monuments within a given country that helps Tiny to hop from one country to the next. Answer the question incorrectly and Tiny falls into the ocean and after 3 wrong answers, players must start the mission over. Complete all 15 missions and players help Tiny save the world.

This application is very well executed as it takes a seemingly dull and sometimes difficult to learn topic and turns it into a mission-filled game for players that ultimately makes learning fun. And with high quality audio, visual, and learning components, both parents and children can appreciate the benefits of this well-planned, excellently executed application.

Tiny Countries is a great way for children to improve their geography skills. Not only will they learn 75 countries in 6 continents, but they will also learn to recognize specific countries based on their shape, identify capitals, flags, and famous monuments within each country, as well as learn their currency and neighboring countries. In addition to the vast amount of information available to learn, children get the benefit of repetition that increases the likelihood that they will remember the information they have learned.

One thing to note with this app is that while players are exposed to 75 countries in 6 continents, there are many countries not included. This may be an issue for children that need to know all countries within a particular continent for their geography studies. With that said, there is still a vast amount of information included and presented in an exciting way that will most definitely improve geography skills, particularly for visual learners.

Tiny the chicken is on an adventure filled mission to save the world and players get to join in on this adventure as they answer geography questions along the way. While the primary function of this application is education based, it really is an innovative way to learn. While the missions are fun for the first few continents, they can be a little predictable. It would be nice to have a bit more variety in the way the games are played as the missions advance further to enhance the entertainment value of this application.

The price is a bit more than I would normally pay for an app, but considering the high quality audio and visual components as well as the vast amount of information that children can learn, it is a good value. For just under $5, children can enhance their geography knowledge and potentially improve their grades too and that in and of itself makes up for the higher price.
Tiny Countries has an easy-to-use interface that makes it ideal for school age children, but might be too advanced for Pre-K users. It also allows for multiple child profiles to be set up so each child can play through their profile and not lose their progress, which is an added bonus for parents with multiple children. Overall the missions are easy to follow and pretty self-explanatory so it is unlikely children will get stuck in any one area. There are also no social media links, in app purchases, or any advertisements that parents need to worry about.


Tiny Countries
Tiny Countries
What better way to learn geography than to add a little adventure? Help Tiny the chicken save the world from Dr. Evil while learning and testing your geography skills in this high quality app.
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