The Prisoner of Carrot Castle

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Review Summary:

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is a cute story with awesome illustrations that will remind children of the importance of eating their vegetables.

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The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is a digital book for children of all ages, but especially those who may have a bit of trouble eating their vegetables. This charming story puts a fun spin on why children should eat their veggies and with the cute illustrations to accompany the story, this is one storybook app that will quickly become a family favorite.

Features include:

  • Creative story
  • Narration options
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Additional activity


The Prisoner of Carrot Castle not only has a creative story, but also illustrations that are very well done. In fact, some of the illustrations allow children to interact with them by tapping and touching them on each page. The developers have also included great sound effects that play in the background to help bring the story to life in addition to the narrator’s animated voice.


The main education feature of this app is of course in the storyline itself. The main character does not enjoy eating his vegetables and finds himself locked in a Carrot Castle where he must get creative in order to escape and he quickly begins to eat through the walls. As the story progresses he also finds himself stuck in a broccoli tree and must eat himself out of the tree to safety. The story puts a creative spin on eating healthy and certainly teaches children about eating their vegetables.

One thing I was disappointed with is the fact that this book does not have any text highlighting to go along with the narrator. This limits the app a bit and does not allow children to follow along with the words in order to potentially learn new words as they read. Adding this simple feature would definitely enhance the educational value of the app.


The entertainment value of this app comes in not only the creative story, but also the additional activity that follows. There is an opportunity for children to dress three characters in various medieval clothing and watch them come to life. Children are also going to be entertained by the various interactive illustrations they find as they tap and touch the images throughout the story.


Priced at just under four dollars this app might be a bit higher than some parents want to pay especially when you consider there is no text highlighting and only one additional activity. With that said, the story, illustrations, and the sound effects are very well done so this is a book children will likely enjoy several times over.

Child Friendliness

With no in-app purchases or social media links this app is completely safe for children to use. The developers have done a great job making sure this app is easy to use for children of all ages by utilizing the simple tap and touch method to interact with the illustrations and simple swiping to move onto the next page. Overall this is a great app for kids of all ages.

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is a cute story with awesome illustrations that will remind children of the importance of eating their vegetables.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars