The Little Witch at School

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Review Summary:

A delightful tale with tons of additional activities to keep children engaged. This is a great app for the whole family!

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Price: $2.99 AppStore User Rating: 4.5


The Little Witch at School is featured in our At-A-Glance: Halloween Apps For Kids post and is the prequel to the story “The Witch With No Name” and tells the tale of how this young witch lost her name. This app is so much more than a story as it has fun games, interactive scenes, and delightful illustrations that children of all ages will love. With a great combination of education and entertainment, this high quality app is one that should not be missed.

Features include:

  • Interactive illustrations
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • Fun and educational activities
  • 3D images


The Little Witch at School goes above and beyond many apps I have seen as far as quality is concerned. Not only are there interactive illustrations, but the images are also in 3D. The narration, sound quality, and sound effects are great and they compliment the high tech illustrations very well. Children will absolutely love the story, the set-up, and the in-app games they can play with ease.


In addition to the main story there are a variety of in-app educational games that children will love. One activity puts a fun twist on the paint by numbers concept by using addition problems. Each color coincides with a specific number (solution) and each area on the picture is a math problem. Children must add the numbers correctly in order to find the color that should go in that area. In addition to the math activity there is a trivia activity as well as a spelling activity for children to enjoy. With three different difficulty levels, the activities can be more or less challenging depending on the age of the child which is really nice.

One thing that I was surprised to find about this app is that there is no text highlighting for the “read to me” option. This limits children a little bit as it doesn’t allow children to easily follow along if they are still working on their reading skills.


The various illustrations and animations throughout the book are really great and help to make this an engaging and entertaining app. The additional in-app games like following the sequence in the ogre’s belly and locating the little cricket on each page adds a nice balance to the more educational activities. Children are also able to find a special surprise at the end of the app if they have completed all 4 challenges to do so which provides an additional goal for children in the app. Overall this is an app everyone in the family can enjoy.


Priced at just under four dollars this app is a great deal. It offers so much more than just a story with 3D images, interactive illustrations, fun games, and narration options so parents are really getting lots of bang for their buck. Additionally with so much to do in this app, children are likely to come back to it many times over to discover new things they didn’t see before.

Child Friendliness

The Little Witch at School is great for children of all ages. With the “read to me” and “read to myself” options young children can enjoy the story easily as well as move through the app and play with the various illustrations. The difficulty levels also allows a wide range of options for older children that want a bit more of a challenge.

With no in-app purchases or social media links this app is completely safe for kids to use. The main page does offer a button to view other apps by the same developer, but it is protected so parents won’t have to worry about children getting into areas they shouldn’t be in.

A delightful tale with tons of additional activities to keep children engaged. This is a great app for the whole family!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars