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  • The Human Body
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The Human Body allows children to learn all there is to know about the body with various realistic figures, interactive images, and illustrations all while enjoying every minute. You will be amazed at this app!

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Price: $3.99
AppStore User Rating: 4.5

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If you want a fun, interactive app to teach children about how their body works, The Human Body by Tinybop is the one for you. This app is full of animated images that highlight the various body systems and how they work. Children can try each system and see how the body reacts to various stimulants, food, bug bites etc. and learn all kinds of things about the human body through hands on exploration and play.

Features include:

  • 6 Interactive anatomical systems
  • Multi-user option
  • Body part labels
  • Wonderful set up


The Human Body by Tinybop is by far one of the highest quality apps I have seen in a long time. With a wide variety of interactive pictures and illustrations, this app teaches children through hands-on exploration about the various body systems and parts. There are some incredibly realistic sound effects and images included in this app and as children explore the various body systems they are going to love it. The developers have really gone above and beyond to make this app unique and they have done a great job.


With an app like this one, it is hard to know where to begin. Not only are children able to learn about 6 anatomical systems (with an option to purchase the urogenital system under the parents section), they also get to interact and watch how the body reacts to various stimulants. For instance, the nervous system allows users to see how the body reacts to a pin prick or a mosquito bite. Once the body is pricked, children can watch as the nerves react and send messages to the brain. This app is full of great interactive pieces just like this one. Other interactive pieces allow children to see how food gets processed through our digestive tract and what happens when we breathe.

There is also a great labeling feature that shows children the names of each system and specific body parts that they can learn. With so many different systems, interactive pieces, and fun illustrations, this app will quickly become a favorite for children to play with.


It might be hard to believe that learning can be fun, but The Human Body proves that to be true. While there are not any additional game activities in the app, the developers have created an educational app that makes kids want to play. With so many body systems to explore along with the fun sound effects (like belching and chewing) and the interactive pieces (like feeding the body and watching the food be processed), children of all ages are going to have a blast as they learn.


With so many intricate details in this app you might expect it to be really expensive, but you would be wrong. Priced at just under three dollars parents will quickly find that this app is a steal especially when you consider all of the things children can learn and how they will be begging to enjoy this app. Families with more than one child also will enjoy the multi-user capability of this app so each child can set up their own profile to play and explore. This is one app that will quickly become a household favorite.

Child Friendliness

With so much to learn and explore, this app might look to be a little overwhelming but it is really easy to use. The best part about it is that children will not need much instruction to get started and they can move through at their own pace and explore all the various systems however they choose.

The developers have also made sure it is safe to use by ensuring there are no in app advertisements, social media links, or in app purchases that are accessible for children. There is a parent profile that is protected and it will ensure children aren’t getting into areas they shouldn’t be while providing parents access to information about their child’s activity, news about the app, as well as a great handbook that provides a great deal of information about each body system as well as how to use the different features that are included. This area also arms parents with a ton of information that they can use with children as they play with the app to ensure they get the most out of the wonderful features.

The Human Body allows children to learn all there is to know about the body with various realistic figures, interactive images, and illustrations all while enjoying every minute. You will be amazed at this app!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars