The Berenstain Bears Collection #1

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Review Summary:

A great digital storybook collection that includes 6 wonderful Berenstain Bears stories.

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The Berenstain Bears Collection #1 is a one stop shop for 6 of your favorite Berentstain Bear tales including, Trouble With Chores, Hug and Make Up, Bedtime Battle, The Big Spelling Bee, Ghost Walk, and Really Big Pet Show. Full of great stories, illustrations straight from the books, and narration options, this is one app children can enjoy on their own or with a parent.

Features include:

  • Text highlighting
  • Narration options
  • Voice record
  • 6 Stories


As you would expect from Oceanhouse Media, this app includes awesome illustrations taken straight from the book, lively sound effects, and an easy to use interface that children will enjoy. The voice record feature enhances the quality of the app providing more options for children and parents to use and with six stories easily accessible from the main page, the developers have done a nice job organizing the material in a way that it is not overwhelming.


The Berenstain Bears Collection #1 is similar to the other Oceanhouse Media collections as it provides several stories for children to read either to themselves or with a narrator. The text highlighting helps children learn new words by seeing and hearing them at the same time which is great for early readers. The illustrations also allow children to learn new vocabulary that may not be included in the text by tapping the images to see and hear the word. This option works in both “read to me” and “read to myself” options.

What I love about this collection in particular are the in-story lessons children can learn. The Berenstain Bears stories always have a life lesson for children to learn and this collection helps children learn the importance of helping out, making up etc., so children are learning far more than new vocabulary and enhancing their reading skills.


While this collection has some specific educational features, there are not any additional activities or entertainment features aside from the stories. With that said, children who love The Berenstain Bears stories will love this app simply for the wonderful tales and the high energy narration.


While this app might be one of the more pricey digital book apps priced at just under $11, it does include 6 stories along with lively narration options and great illustrations. Some parents may find the price a bit much for their budget especially since there aren’t any additional games or activities included, but if you were purchasing each book individually to add to your home collection you could spend four to five dollars a piece. All things considered, this app is a pretty fair deal, especially if your child loves the series.

Child Friendliness

This app is not only well organized, but also easy to use for children of all ages. By swiping and tapping the pages, they can easily move through the app without getting stuck in any one area. The other parent areas that include other apps, information, and advertisements are protected so parents can rest assured knowing their children won’t be making additional purchases or get distracted while they read.

A great digital storybook collection that includes 6 wonderful Berenstain Bears stories.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars