Suzy's Zoo Storybook Collection

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This is by far one of the cutest book apps I have found. The illustrations are incredible and the narration adds so much life to an already great book!

Available on the App Store

Available on the App Store

Suzy’s Zoo Storybook Collection by Zuuka Incorporated is a delightfully whimsical collection of stories that follow Witzy the duck and friends on various exciting adventures like searching for wising puffs. There are 3 books in this series Witzy’s Friends Forever, Witzy’s Sweet Tooth, and Witzy’s Bedtime that children are sure to enjoy along with other fun bonus activities.

      Features include:
  • Coloring Pages
  • Memory Game
  • Puzzle
  • Narration Options

Suzy’s Zoo Storybook Collection is an entertaining series with animated images, whimsical characters, and fun stories that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The illustrations move and sway giving each story a movie quality. The narration options (Read to Me, Read to Myself, and Auto Play), include enthusiastic voices for each character that bring the story to life right before your eyes. During the ‘Read to Me’ and ‘Auto Play’ option the words are highlighted so little readers can follow along, and practice their reading skills, something parents will surely appreciate. The interactive activities also included (coloring pages, memory game, and puzzle) add to the quality of this app by making it more than just a storybook, but a multi-use app.


The narration options provided with these stories are great for children working on reading skills or just starting to learn to read. The “Read to Me” option allows the narrator to read through the book while the child follows along as the text is highlighted. This allows new readers to begin recognizing new words and can provide practice so they may eventually read on their own.

For younger children, the puzzle and memory games also provide practice in picture recognition and memory in addition to early language development by using the “Read to Me” option.

More skilled readers may choose to use the “Read to Myself” option to read aloud to a parent, or have a parent read to them. These options enhance the education value of the app and allow for a fun and educational experience.

With this app, children get the benefit of enjoying story time with Witzy, in addition to the added activities that come with each story. They may choose to listen to the story and then play with the puzzle or color a coloring page or play a matching game. However they choose to utilize this application, they will certainly enjoy themselves as the explore all that Suzy’s Zoo Storybook Collection has to offer.


The first story in Suzy’s Zoo Storybook Collection is free and has such high quality pictures, animated illustrations, and lively narration, that it seems like a steal. There is a fee for each additional story in the collection, but after seeing the high quality and entertaining tale in the first story parents are still getting a great deal.

The design and usability of this app has been done so well that preschoolers and early readers are able to use it with little to no direction. Selecting the narration options is easy to do as well as accessing the additional activities. All of the activities are self explanatory and easy to maneuver through so your child will not get stuck on any one page.

One thing to note is the in-app option to purchase the other stories. This option is fairly easy to get to and could allow children to purchase the additional stories by accident, though I think parents will gladly make the purchase once they see all that this app has to offer.

Available on the App Store