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  • Last modified: November 7, 2013
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Review Summary:

Sound Touch offers many educational opportunities for all ages, even adults.

App Info

Price: $23.99 AppStore User Rating: 5


Sound Touch has numerous education benefits and is entertaining for a wide range of users. It can be used to expand the user’s vocabulary in 32 languages.

Features include:

  • 32 languages
  • 300+ pictures with sounds
  • Simple, child-safe user interface


The user interface only includes items the items children should have access to. All options have been placed in the device settings rather than in protected in-app menus. My favorite option is to hide any photos of snakes! Other options include items such as controlling how to exit the photos or the number of images per page within a category.

The images used for each category could be enhanced a bit; the photos of each item within the categories are of nice quality as are the sounds and narration.


Children can build their vocabulary, learn the sound each object makes and learn multiple languages. This is a great app for adults or older children wanting to learn new languages, too. Categories include things such as animals, household items, musical instruments and vehicles.

In the settings there is an option to have the word appear when it is spoken. This is a great feature for early readers or when learning a new language.

Children as young as toddlers will be able to navigate this app very easily.


Children will return to this app to be entertained unaware of the many educational benefits. The large number of photos and sounds will keep them entertained.


Sound Touch does offer a lite version to download for free, which parents may want to do considering the price of the full version. The app is universal, a bonus to families wanting to get the most bang for their buck.

Child Friendliness

Nowadays we most often see developers placing the features for parents in protected menus. These protected menus are fabulous, in most cases; however, I find that toddlers don’t always know how to exit them and return to play. The developers of Sound Touch have placed ALL features for parents in the device settings; there are no worries within the app. My little touch happy users can touch to their heart’s content.

Sound Touch offers many educational opportunities for all ages, even adults.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars