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How does Santa get letters from children all over the world? Why he has a postman of course! Santa's Postman is a delightful story with cute illustrations and fun in-story activities to get children excited for the holidays.

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Santa’s Postman is another one of our featured apps in the Christmas and Holiday Apps for Kids post that is a unique storybook app full of interactive activities and fun to keep children engaged. Perfect for this time of year, this app will get children excited about Christmas through a rhyming storyline about one of Santa’s elves that will help to get letters to Santa and keep your name on the nice list. With great images and illustrations, this app is great and it also has a special surprise that is available on Christmas Eve.

Features include:

  • Rhyming story
  • In-story activities
  • Letter to Santa activity
  • Narration options


Santa’s Postman is a unique app with great visual appeal and illustrations to keep children engaged. The narration option allows children to listen to the rhyming story while they enjoy the simple animated images such as the fire flickering or snow falling. The developers have also incorporated a few fun, in-story activities to help children stay engaged as well. The developers have also included a great way for children to personalize the app by creating and hanging stockings on the fireplace. This allows families with multiple children to enjoy the app as well by selecting their stocking at the beginning of the app. Another unique feature for this app is the ability for children to watch Santa as he travels on Christmas Eve which is a very exciting thing for young children.

While the images and narration are very well done, it might be a little disappointing to some parents to see that text highlighting is not included. With most storybook apps, text highlighting is included and unfortunately without having this feature, it limits the app just a bit. The narration option is also not completely obvious at first glance so it might be easy to overlook for young children. With that said the illustrations and story are great and they help to make up for some of what is lacking in this app.


This app is not being reviewed for educational value.


Santa’s Postman is a really cute tale about how Kuri the elf works to help young boys and girls get their letters to Santa however, the rhyming story is not all there is in this app. In addition to the story there is also an activity that allows children to write or type their very own letter to Santa and send it off. There is also a fun game activity that allows children to send the naughty elves back to the coal mine. This in-story activity seems to provide more options for playing on Christmas Eve which is exciting and a little disappointing at the same time. It would be nice to allow children to utilize this portion of the app prior to Christmas Eve and save the Santa tracking feature for Christmas Eve as a surprise.

With that said, for children who are excited to write their letters and get into the spirit of the holidays this story is a fun read.


Priced at just under three dollars, Santa’s Postman seems to be a pretty fair price, however adding the text highlighting feature and expanding the in-app activity a bit to be played before Christmas Eve would really help to increase the overall value of this app. With that said, children will certainly love this app for the simple animations and the cute story and may even become a holiday favorite for next year.

Child Friendliness

Santa’s Postman is a great app for kids to get them excited about the holidays. The easy to turn pages and in-app activities are engaging and help to keep children entertained. The narration option allows children to listen to the story as they turn the pages etc. and while the app does not have text highlighting as an included feature, overall it is pretty child friendly.

Parents will also be happy to know that the app does not include any social media links or advertisements to be concerned with. However, they may want to keep an eye on young children as they write/type their letter to Santa as it allows children to send the letter to a particular email address from the device they are using. Parental guidance is suggested so the email gets sent to the correct place. Other than that this app is great for kids.

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