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  • Sand Drawing
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

A fun art app with a beach theme that will keep little ones busy as they travel on family vacations.

A fun art app with a beach theme that will keep little ones busy as they travel on family vacations.



Sand Drawing is a simple and easy to use app featured in our At-A-Glance: Road Trip Apps For Kids post that will keep little ones entertained during those long car rides during vacation. This art app allows children to draw pictures in the sand while adding various beach accessories to enhance their masterpieces and is great for young children.

Features include:

  • 12 Beach accessories
  • 3 Drawing utensils
  • Fun music


The best part of this app is the music and sound effects that go along with it. For families headed to the beach on their vacation, this app will get children excited to play in real sand as they draw various figures in the virtual environment. The island music that plays in the background and the ocean sound effects provide a fun vacation-like feel and are well done.

While it may be too simple for older children, the set up is perfect for young kids that like to draw and color.


This app is primarily meant for entertainment, however children may get some practice writing letters, numbers, or drawing various figures.


Sand Drawing is an app that will allow young children to use their imaginations as they draw, doodle, and write with various utensils in the sand. They may choose to use the rake, stick, or shovel to create their masterpieces in addition to adding various beach accessories like a beach ball, a piece of coral, or a small whale. If they decide they want to erase their picture and start over, all they have to do is swipe the ocean waves across the screen to begin again. Another fun part of the app is the radio that is included with 3 different island stations to choose from.

The only downfall to this app is that there is not a way for children to save their creations for later viewing. That is something developers might want to think about with future updates.


This easy to use art app is absolutely free. While it is simple in its functioning, parents won’t have to worry about how much they spent on it in the event their child gets bored since the app is free.

Child Friendliness

With no instructions needed to get started and no social media or in app purchase links to speak of, this app is completely safe. There is a parents section that will provide information about the developer, a feedback option, and a list of other apps by the same developer.

Parents will be happy to know they can allow their children to use this app with little supervision and not have to worry they will be stuck in one area or get into something they shouldn’t be in which is always great while traveling.

A fun art app with a beach theme that will keep little ones busy as they travel on family vacations.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars