Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure

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Review Summary:

An innovative twist on the traditional search-and-find puzzle and maze with fun animations and sound effects the whole family can enjoy!

An innovative twist on the traditional search-and-find puzzle and maze with fun animations and sound effects the whole family can enjoy!



Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure is one of our featured apps in the At-A-Glance: Road Trip Apps for Kids post and is an incredibly fun and interactive game that the whole family will enjoy. It puts a unique spin on the typical search and find game by incorporating a maze that will challenge and entertain children for hours, perfect for those long hours in the car.

Features include:

  • 100 Search and find items
  • 5 Player profiles
  • Map help
  • Detailed illustrations


This app includes some pretty detailed illustrations for each area of the maze which consists of various streets, highways, waterways etc. and the developers have done an incredible job incorporating animation throughout. For instance, in the scene with the amusement park each ride moves and makes noise that you would expect from that particular ride.

In addition to the illustrations, there is also music and other sound effects that you will hear as you play which adds to the realistic feel of the animations. The interface is fairly easy to use and upon opening the app, there is a little animation that shows players how to maneuver through the app and if help is needed players can always go back to the instructions as well as access the map for assistance.


This app is not necessarily an educational app, but it is one that allows children to practice their problem-solving skills as they maneuver through the streets to get to each item or portion of the star. Players must be able to follow arrows, avoid dead-ends, and read a map in order to see where they need to be.

In addition to the problem-solving practice, young children may also get some practice identifying specific numbers and letters in the search and find portion of the app. While it may be a bit challenging for little ones due to how the items are hidden throughout each section, if used with a parent or older sibling, this app will definitely provide a fun way to work on letters, numbers, and problem-solving skills.


Children and parents alike will enjoy this app because of the challenge and fun it brings. The object of the app is to move your car around each scene in order to collect all of the arrows that make up the star in addition to finding all of the items for that scene. Each scene connects with the next and since it is made up of roads and highways, players must make sure they are “driving” the correct direction to get to each section.

As children play they will definitely be challenged to find all 100 items in addition to collecting all of the pieces for each star to complete each scene. As they strategically wind their way from scene to scene they are sure to have fun for hours as they make their way through the app to find all 100 items. Parents may also want to try their hand at this app to see just how far they can get as this is one app that is fun for the whole family.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app won’t break the bank, though it may be more than some parents typically pay for apps. I can assure you that while it may be a little high for this type of app, it allows you to have multiple users which is great for families with more than one child. When you consider the various profiles and the fun and challenging game, the price isn’t too bad.

Child Friendliness

This app is great for kids of all ages. The helpful “how to” animation at the beginning (also accessible as you play) is perfect for children that may need a little assistance. The multiple player function is also great for families with more than one child.

Parents will want to note that there are links to social media sites under the information button on the main page. The main page also shows a button to another app by the same developers though there are no advertisements or social media links in any of the play screens. While children aren’t likely to get to these areas once they begin playing, parents will want to be aware of them.

An innovative twist on the traditional search-and-find puzzle and maze with fun animations and sound effects the whole family can enjoy!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars