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  • Last modified: November 7, 2013
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Review Summary:

Help the witch and her friends on their adventure by playing a variety of fun and educational games. A great Halloween themed app for children of all ages.

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Room on the Broom Games is a great Halloween themed app featured in our At-A-Glance: Halloween Apps For Kids post that is based on the book by author Julia Donaldson. With delightful images, gentle music, and a variety of fun activities, this is one app children are going to be able to enjoy over and over again.

Features include:

  • 8 Games
  • Gentle background music
  • Delightful music
  • Easy to use interface


There is no doubt that Room on the Broom has high quality images and animations that are perfect for children of all ages, but the thing I love the most about this app is how simple it is to play. The user interface is set up in a way that allows children to simply swipe through to find each new game. The audio included in this app consists of soothing music and fun sound effects that further enhance the visual appeal. All-in-all Room on the Broom Games is a very high quality app that will keep children engaged as they play.


The various games included within the app have a good mix of education and entertainment. The educational games allow children to practice spelling as they steer the magical broomstick through the sky to find the correct letters to spell each word provided. There is also a fun game that allows players to move numbered stars around the sky so the witch can fly between them in sequence. These spelling and number games are great for younger children as they learn to count and spell simple words.


Room on the Broom Games offers many entertaining games that will keep children engaged for hours. Whether they are finding hidden items the witch has dropped in the forest, feeding a dragon french fries, or catching specific items that are flying by in the wind, players will be having fun as they complete each game.

An added bonus for this app are the various achievements they receive as they play. Once they have completed an activity, they are awarded a medal based on how well they did and they are given a goal for the next time they play to get an even better medal. This reward system will have children playing each activity more than once as they attempt to collect all of the achievements possible.
Needless to say this is a great app for entertainment.


Priced at just under five dollars, this app might seem to be more expensive than some other apps out there, however the quality and the number of activities you get for that price is really good. I think parents will agree once they take a look at this app that is is worth the money.

Child Friendliness

With no in-app purchases, social media links or advertisements this app is great for children of all ages. The information section that parents might be interested in is protected and the icon is very small so children aren’t likely to end up in this area anyway. The simple set-up of the app is also great for children to use as it doesn’t require a lot of instruction to get started. Children can simply jump in to explore and play as they go.

Help the witch and her friends on their adventure by playing a variety of fun and educational games. A great Halloween themed app for children of all ages.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars