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Preschool EduKitchen App Review

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From its opening jingle to the flying stickers, kids will enjoy nearly every aspect of Preschool EduKitchen. While enjoying the game, they will also build their logical thinking skills.

Preschool EduKitchen introduces kids to unique concepts designed to build their logical thinking skils and encourage practices such as healthy eating and recycling. From cooking eggs in a pan and toasting bread to building ice cream cones and matching fruits and vegetables, all of the app’s activities feature some aspect of the kitchen.

The kitchen theme will get children interested in the game and the rewards and positive affirmations will keep them playing. When kids successfully complete activities, they are rewarded with exploding stars, flying stickers and jumping characters. The app encourages kids to “keep trying” and tells them they are doing a “great job” as they complete activities build skills.

Features include:

  • Bright graphics
  • Positive affirmations
  • Multiple learning games
  • Parental customization tools

One of the first things parents and kids will notice about Preschool EduKitchen is that it is bright and loud. The app’s graphics feature bright pinks, organes, yellows, purples and other colors designed to get kids’ attention. All of the instructions and sound effects are clear, although they are easier to hear when the app’s main background music is turned off.

The sounds, graphics and activities respond as soon as they are tapped and kids can quickly move from one activity to another without waiting for anything to load. Sometimes it moves a little too fast, however, with the applause or cheers from the previous activity drowning out some of the instruction for the next activity. Kids will enjoy the exploding stars that appear when the complete an activity successfully, but may be put off by the shaking screen when they tap on the wrong item.

Preschool EduKitchen is unique because it introduces kids to skills that are not covered in most preschool apps. The 18 activities contained in the app do not cover letters, shapes, numbers or colors. Instead, they cover concepts such as arranging objects by size, matching objects, recycling, setting the table and loading the dishwasher. No activity tests the same skill, so kids are exposed to multiple skills while playing the app.

While all of the activities in the app are designed at the same level, parents also have the ability to customize the app to fit their children’s individual needs. On the parental customization screen, parents can tap on specific activities to turn them off. This helps eliminate activities that frustrate children or the few activities parents feel are too easy.

The bright colors and sounds that are part of Preschool EduKitchen will keep kids entertained. They will also appreciate the sparkling stars and jumping characters that appear when they correctly complete an activity. Every five activities completed gives kids the chance to catch a flying sticker, another reward that will keep them engaged.

The number of activities available will also keep kids entertained. Activities are rotated as kids use the app, so they are not exposed to the same game twice in a row. Instead of playing two or three matching games in a row, kids will rotate through three or four other types of games before being exposed to another matching game. This variety will keep them from getting bored. However, a game must be completed successfully to get to the next game, so if a child dislikes a specific game, it can be frustrating to have to play it before moving on to the next one

Preschool EduKitchen is worth every penny of its low price tag. However, because it does not introduce kids to essential skills such as letter and shape recognition or counting and spelling skills, it may not be the paid app on a parent’s list. However, when parents consider that the app also teaches kids valuable lessons about healthy eating and recycling, the price of the app may be even more justified.

The activities, graphics and sounds featured in Preschool EduKitchen are very child-friendly and it is easy for kids to navigate through them. In most cases, all kids have to do is tap on an object to complete an activity successfully. However, the activities that have kids drag and drop items can be a little frustrating for kids, requiring them to drag an object to an exact position. Once kids figure this out, they will drag and drop with care, but until they do it can cause some frustration.

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