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  • Last modified: November 9, 2013
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Review Summary:

The perfect app for little ones to explore their musical imaginations in a creative and fun environment.

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Price: $1.99
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Peg + Cat Big Gig is a great app for the music lover in your home as it teaches children to follow patterns, play songs, and explore their musical imaginations to create and record their own songs. This app is full of characters and illustrations from the PBS show Peg + Cat and provides lots of creative freedom for music lovers of all ages.

Features Include
  • 5 Characters
  • 2 Types of activities
  • 8 Songs
  • 4 Warm-ups


Peg + Cat Big Gig has some very high quality images and animations that come straight from the cartoon that children will love. The voices, animations, and songs that are included are also done very well. What I really like about this app is how easy it is to follow. Children can easily follow the numbers/notes that are provided for each song and exercise without a lot of instruction. The free-play area also allows for children to create, record, and play back their unique songs they have put together with a variety of sounds, instruments, and singers.


Not only will little musicians be able to play various songs by following the notes provided, but they also have an opportunity to practice their reading skills as well. After each song exercise is complete, the full animated song is played and is accompanied by highlighted text for users to follow along. The warm-up exercises also teach children how to count, add, and practice patterns. All-in-all, Peg + Cat Big Gig is full of opportunities for children to learn while they enjoy characters from one of their favorite shows.


Users will have a ton of fun following along with each song and selecting different instruments (keyboard,guitar, ukelele, trombone, or accordion) each time, but the “Sound Check” portion of the app is where they can let their musical imaginations really run wild. This area allows children to layer in various instrument sounds, characters, chicken cheeps, and background music to create and record their own creation. Once their song is recorded, children can play it back to hear their masterpiece. This area provides lots of entertainment for children who like to create their own music.


For a limited time only this app is offered for just under a dollar which is truly a steal. There are so many activities and options for children to explore that parents won’t want to miss out on this deal. If your child is a music lover, they will especially enjoy this app as it offers lots of songs, warm-ups, and free-play options to keep them entertained for hours. Simply put, this is an awesome app at a great price!

Child Friendliness

Perfect for children of all ages, Peg + Cat Big Gig does not include any advertisements, in-app purchases, or social media links. The interface is also very simple to use so even young children can enjoy playing and creating music until their heart is content. All-in-all this is a great app for children to use to play and explore music.

The perfect app for little ones to explore their musical imaginations in a creative and fun environment.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars