New & Improved: Priority Review and App Analysis Service

Our Priority Review Service is offered to app developers who need to know when and if their app is reviewed on the website. Priority Reviews simply mean that the app gets put ahead of all other app submissions and does not impact our high expectations for apps. While this is a paid service, we NEVER accept money for a positive, published review.

In the past, we didn’t offer refunds except when we were unable to review an app in the specific time-frame. When we turned down an app for quality or other reasons, we would continue to review the app, but for the developer only. While this was valuable to many developers, we found out 2 things: (1) developers do not always want to hear about improvements to their app (2) giving constructive feedback on a subpar app usually takes more time than reviewing a great app. In addition, giving feedback to developers does not help our readers, but takes our time away from reviewing “the best apps for kids”. This was a lose-lose situation all around.

Changes to Priority Review Service

While the basic Priority Review Service doesn’t change, we will give a partial refund if a developer pays for our Priority Review Service, but doesn’t make the site for whatever reason. While the developer will no longer get feedback about the app, they will be able to resubmit for Priority Review Service when their app is improved, or they can sign up for our new App Analysis Service.

New: App Analysis Service

The App Analysis Service allows developers to get feedback and suggestions specific to their app. This report is written with developers in mind and goes deeper into rating each of our key review sections – quality, education, entertainment, value, and child friendliness. Sign up now and test out our App Analysis Service!

Sign up now and test out our new App Analysis Service or try the Priority Review Service!