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  • Last modified: October 14, 2013
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Review Summary:

Put your multiplication skills to the test as you race to solve problems before time runs out or see how many problems you can correctly solve in a minute.


A first, MultiFlow: Times Table Reimagined appears to be a simple game for practicing your times tables. While essentially that is what the app is, the way it allows users to solve problems makes it a highly addictive, entertaining app. The app helps children build their multiplication skills, encouraging them to make progress as they play, and reminds adults how rusty their multiplication skills are.

Can you solve a two digit by two digit multiplication problem in 5 seconds or less? How many multiplication problems can you correctly solve in 60 seconds? With MultiFlow you can find out.

Features include:

  • Multiple Practice Opportunities
  • Progress Tracking
  • Incentives to Improve Performance


MultiFlow has the look a feel of a serious app. While it may not have cartoonish graphics or crazy sound effects, its design and sound effects are clear and polished. Answers are recognized quickly when selected or typed in and a new problem appears almost instantly. The design is not full of unnecessary buttons or distractors, so it is easy to quickly get to the game or level you want.


MultiFlow appeals to multiple users. For students just beginning to build their multiplication skills, the Pick ‘Em section allows them to select a range of multiplication tables (from one to 20) and a difficulty level. From there they can simply practice solving multiplication problems. The other games are focused on helping users build and review their multiplication skills in different ways.

Enter the Flow challenges users to solve multiplication problems in 5 or 10 seconds. Mad Minute challenges players to solve as many problems as possible in a minute, with two levels of difficulty. Reversals gives players the product and has them choose the problem, with three levels of difficulty to choose from. All games track the user’s progress and encourage the users to keep improving their performance.


There is a highly addictive quality to MultiFlow. Answer 47 multiplication questions correctly in a minute and suddenly you want to try and answer 50. Only answer questions with 86 percent accuracy and you are compelled to play until you answer them with 100 percent accuracy. The games do not get old and there is always another level to try or milestone to reach.

In addition to the games themselves, MultiFlow is connected to GameCenter which gives you even more challenges to meet. Even adults will enjoy trying to earn these achievements by completing tasks such as correctly answering 25 questions in a row or answering 90 questions correctly in Mad Minute on hard.


MultiFlow is not free, but it is worth every penny. Compared to other multiplication apps and math apps, this app is of the highest quality and offers more challenges and more ways to practice your multiplication skills.

Child Friendliness

MultiFlow is very easy for both children and adults to use. Parents may have to help children select an appropriate level of play, but otherwise it is easy for them to access and play games on their own. In the settings field, you have the option to turn on tutorials to make the app easier to use. You can also set up individual user profiles to track the progress of multiple users.

While there are no outside adds in the app, it does advertise the FlowPlus and DivisionFlow apps on the main screen and some children may mistakenly think those games are also part of this app.

Put your multiplication skills to the test as you race to solve problems before time runs out or see how many problems you can correctly solve in a minute.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars