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Join Moose & Zebra as they venture to their homeland to teach children fun facts about Sweden while they practice a variety of math, logic, and memory skills.

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Moose & Zebra Sweden is a versatile educational app that teaches children a variety of fun facts about Sweden while also allowing them to practice logic, math, memory, and other skills as they play. With an easy to use interface and whimsical illustrations, this is a great app to educate and entertain children of all ages.

Features include:

  • 15 Educational activities
  • Narration options
  • Cute illustrations


In addition to the incredible illustrations, Moose & Zebra Sweden also includes narration and delightful background music throughout. The app moves smoothly from one activity to another as children complete them consecutively. There is also an option to access specific activities from the main page for children that prefer to skip around. Another thing that is great about this app is that it includes a question mark within each activity making it easy for children to get hints if they need a bit of assistance.


With so many versatile activities, this app offers lot in terms of education. Children get to practice a variety of skills such as identifying shapes, counting, putting items in order, as well as many other activities to test logic, reasoning, and memory. Disbursed throughout each activity are also a lot of fun facts about Sweden like animals that can be found there, Swedish foods, flags, etc.

While there is narration throughout the app to coincide with the written text, there is not a text highlighting feature. Adding this feature would help early readers follow along and give them the opportunity to practice their skills.


I love finding apps that allow children to learn and have fun and Moose & Zebra Sweden is one of those apps. Not only will they enjoy some of the more entertaining activities such as the maze activity, connect the dots, and spotting the differences, but they will also enjoy many of the educational activities as well as they flow together nicely. Overall, Moose & Zebra Sweden offers a great balance of education and entertainment that children will enjoy over and over again.


Parents will be happy to know this app is offered at just under a dollar and is an absolute steal! With so many fun facts, educational activities, great entertainment, and high quality images and narration included, Moose & Zebra Sweden is well worth the money.

Child Friendliness

It isn’t always easy to find apps that are educational, affordable, and completely safe for children, but this app is. Parents don’t have to worry about their little ones accessing social media links or in-app purchases because there is nothing like that in this app. Children are able to easily play and learn a variety of information without worry.

Join Moose & Zebra as they venture to their homeland to teach children fun facts about Sweden while they practice a variety of math, logic, and memory skills.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars