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  • Meek-a-Moo
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  • Last modified: October 8, 2013
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Review Summary:

Meek-a-Moo is an adorable early learning app with cute illustrations and bright colors that will help little ones learn a wide variety of animals.


Meek-a-Moo is an adorable early learning app that teaches children about animals and their homes. With learn and play options, this app provides two opportunities to enjoy fun animal animations and sounds while learning the names of animals in the Zoo, Lake, Home, Farm, and soon to be added Forest.

Features include:

  • 4 Animal Scenes
  • 40 Animals
  • 2 Language options
  • Easy-to-use interface


Meek-a-Moo is full of adorable and brightly colored graphics with interactive animal sounds that will appeal to little ones and keep them engaged. The graphics are similar to something you might see in a story book with an interactive twist. As each animal appears there is a distinct sound and animation that goes along with it. For instance the fish jumps out up out of the water with a big splash and the peacock displays her brightly colored feathers. The sound quality in the music and narration is also very clear and the user interface is simple to use. Developers have done a great job keeping this app simple yet entertaining.


Meek-a-Moo is a great educational app that will teach young children to recognize various animals by sight and sound. The main page has a map of the different places to explore such as the Zoo, Lake, Home, and Farm. Within each area are animals that can be found there. For instance at the zoo, children will find a monkey or a lion, while at home they might find a guinea pig and a cat.

In the “Learn” part of the app, children will simply explore the animals in the various scenes. As the animal appears, children will hear the animal sound and the narrator will say the name of the animal as it appears on the screen. Children will not only be recognizing animals by their pictures, but also by the corresponding sounds that are heard. To take it a step further, early readers may learn new words as they play this app and with English and Spanish options, children have the opportunity to learn/practice animals in another language.


I always love the educational apps that incorporate a bit of play and Meek-a-Moo has a great “Play” area that allows little ones to practice what they have learned. In this part of the app children are to select one of three animals that are playing peek-a-boo with them. As the animal is hiding behind something in their natural habitat, children will hear the sound they make or see a little glimpse of them. The key is to guess which animal is hiding and to select the correct one. This provides a fun way to practice what they have learned and will certainly keep players engaged.


There is no doubt that this high quality, early learning app is great for learning many animals in a variety of scenes, but the price might be more than some parents want to pay. With that said, there is a lite version that parents may want to check out before committing to the full version that is priced just under three dollars.

The developers have done a wonderful job of creating an educational and entertaining app that appeals to young children, however some parents may find the price for the full version a bit high.

Child Friendliness

Meek-a-Moo is a very easy-to-use app and is great for young children. The simple tap/touch functions help little ones move through the app seamlessly and it is very intuitive so parents don’t have to worry about children getting stuck in one part of the app. There are no in app advertisements or purchase links and the only social media link is located in the information section accessed through a small button on the main page. While it is something to be aware of it is not likely children will access this area. Overall this is a safe and child-friendly app that will educate and and entertain children as they play.

Meek-a-Moo is an adorable early learning app with cute illustrations and bright colors that will help little ones learn a wide variety of animals.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars