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Review Summary:

Avast, me hearties! Join the Captain and his crew as they search for the necklace of Sylla by solving multiplication problems and collecting gold coins.


Math Mathews is a pirate-themed multiplication app. Users get to go on a mission to find the pieces of the necklace of Sylla while solving multiplication problems. Three different mini-games are available for play and each has users solve multiplication problems in a different way. While the games focus on basic single-digit multiplication, they are not for those just learning to multiply as it moves at a fast-pace and puts a lot of pressure on users to solve questions correctly before time runs out. Otherwise, they risk not completing the task.

From the background music and images to the ancient map, treasure chest and ship’s log, users will feel like they are on an actual pirate mission. Should the mission become too overwhelming, the app does offer the opportunity to leave the game and simply practice solving multiplication problems. However, it is unlikely that users will choose to abandon the hunt for treasure to let the app drill their multiplication knowledge.

Features include:

  • Engaging Pirate Theme


There is no doubt that Math Mathews is a pirate-themed app. From the background and maps that have the feel of ancient treasure maps to the seagulls in the background, users will be prepared to sail the seven seas. The images in the app are of high-quality and stick with the theme of the app.

Since many of the missions are time-sensitive, it is important that the app responds quickly when answers are chosen and it does. Should you accidentally click on the back button, you are asked to confirm your choice before losing all of your progress in the game. The only downside to the app’s quality is that there is no option to save your progress in a mini-game if you need to step away and return to it later.


Math Mathews is designed to help users practice their multiplication in multiple ways. One game has users simply solve multiplication problems through simple multiple choice questions. Another game gives players a product and asks them to move the scales on a grid to represent the two factors in the problem. A third game gives users one factor and the product and asks them to identify the second factor. Having users use their multiplication skills in multiple ways is extremely beneficial and keeps their skills sharp.

This game, however, is not for beginning multipliers. Players must quickly solve multiplication problems in a high-pressure situation. This can be overwhelming for those who are not confident in their multiplication skills.


If you like pirates, you may find this app highly entertaining. If you do not, the app may not be as fun. Having three mini-games to choose from and a scenario to keep users interested adds to the entertainment value of the app. The games themselves are also fairly entertaining and easy to play.

However, even though they are called mini-games, the three games in the app are time consuming. Instead of solving five or ten multiplication problems, the games have users solve twenty problems in between other elements of the game. Just when you think you have had your fill of solving problems in one game, you are given another set. The tracker at the top of the screen shows players they are making progress which helps them get through the game.


For the quality of the app and the types of games it provides, the price is justified. For an educational app, it may seem high-priced, but if you want an app that will help you practice your multiplication skills in multiple ways, this app is the one to get.

Child Friendliness

It is easy for children to find there way around the app and there are no links or ads to direct them away from the games. Clues are provided to help find the pieces of the necklace and instructions are given for every game. The only part of the app children may find frustrating is the amount of pressure put on them as they play the games. When presented with multiplication problems, children have a short timeframe in which to choose the correct answer. For those not confident in their multiplication skills, this can prove to be stressful and take the enjoyment out of the game.

Avast, me hearties! Join the Captain and his crew as they search for the necklace of Sylla by solving multiplication problems and collecting gold coins.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars