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Marble Math Lite: Multiplication App Review

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What better way to learn multiplication than through a fun pinball like game? Much like the other Marble Math apps, Marble Math: Multiplication is an awesome customizable application that helps children practice their multiplication skills by dragging or rolling their marble to collect the numbers that solve the problem. As they move through obstacles and mazes to get to the correct answers, they collect points that can be used later to upgrade their marble. Parents, teachers, and children will all enjoy this entertaining math app.

Features include:

  • Customizable times tables
  • Fun mazes
  • Fun pinball set up

The Marble Math set up resembles a pinball game with various mazes and obstacles to get around while collecting numbers in order to complete multiplication problems. There are cool spiral holes that transport your marble to another area, banana peels that can cause you to slip, extra point stars, as well as other obstacles that cause you to lose points, all of which add to the magnificent quality of this application.

The music and sound effects resemble that of a pinball machine and when played by rolling the marble around, children will certainly be challenged not only in their math skills, but also in how well they can get their marble successfully through the maze. And while studying your multiplication tables can be somewhat boring, this app brings math practice to life in a fun and creative game.

As an education app, this is one of the best I have seen. Instead of trying to remember a mundane times table, children are able to have a bit of fun while they practice their multiplication skills.

One of the best parts of this app is the customization that it allows. Parents and teachers can customize the times tables that the child is working on under the tools button and over time increase their practice to whatever times table they are learning in school. Another cool feature gives children three options when they get the answer wrong, they can either try again, view the answer, or skip to the next problem. This provides feedback and an additional learning opportunity so they know what they need to work on for the future.

Teachers may choose to use it as a fun way to shake up their lesson plans, or parents can use it as an interactive method to multiplication practice. Either way, children will enjoy their multiplication practice with this application.

Who knew multiplication tables could be so much fun? The developers of this app have created not only a highly educational app, but also one that is entertaining as well. With the pinball set up, children will feel like they are playing a game as they dodge obstacles and try to get to the answer to solve their problems.

With 3 lives and the potential to gain additional marbles throughout the game, this application feels more like a video game than an educational app. Parents may just find that math becomes a favorite subject for their child because using this interactive method for learning is fun.

As if this app wasn’t great enough, when you can get the education benefits in a fun and free app, you may think it is too good to be true. The truth is, this app is an excellent value and gives parents and teachers a taste of what they can expect in other Marble Math apps (yes there are more). Once they see the value in this app, I have no doubt they will enjoy the other Marble Math options as well.

This app is perfectly safe for children to use on their own. There are no social media links or in app purchases so parents and teachers can allow children to play on their own without worry. The app set up is great and easy to use so school age children will have no problem moving through the game and can simply start their fun multiplication practice.