Live Puzzle! Forest Animals

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Review Summary:

Live Puzzle! Forest Animals is an innovative and entertaining educational app that children of all ages will love.

Live Puzzle! Forest Animals is an innovative and entertaining educational app that children of all ages will love.



Live Puzzle! Forest Animals is an innovative app that puts a fun spin on the traditional puzzle. Instead of using stationary images, the developers have used animated pictures for children to piece back together. This app is great for children of all ages that are looking for a challenge.

Features include:

  • 4 Difficulty levels
  • 12 Puzzles for each level
  • 10 Language options
  • 12 Forest animals to learn


By far the best part about this app is the innovative concept. Puzzle apps can often get boring, but with animated pieces the developers have created a fun and challenging app that children will love. The background music and sound effects are clear and blend nicely with the cartoon animations on each puzzle piece. This app is also set up with an intuitive interface that will be easy to use for children of all ages.


Live Puzzle! Forest Animals is an app that incorporates educational aspects in a fun way. Not only will children get to practice and improve on their problem-solving skills as they piece each puzzle together, they will also learn the names of 12 different forest animals. There is also the option for parents to use the app in one of 10 different languages providing an opportunity for children to learn animal names in a variety of languages too.

The 4 difficulty levels offer the same 12 puzzles however each level has more puzzle pieces. For instance, the first level offers puzzles with four pieces while the fourth level has 20 pieces. This feature challenges players in a new way and ensures they will not get bored. After each puzzle is correctly put together, the name of the animal appears on the screen. There is also a button that can be used to have the narrator read the name of the animal which adds a reading component to the app as well.


This app is not only educational, but it is fun and challenging too. Children will want to advance through the various levels the more they play and will enjoy getting from one level to the next. While there are not specific awards when each level is complete, the app does show you how far you are on each level because you must complete each puzzle in order to unlock the next.


This app is completely free which is a wonderful deal. Not only do you get a total of 48 puzzles across all four levels, but you also have the option of using the app in a variety of languages to add to the overall educational experience. I think parents will agree that Live Puzzle! Forest Animals is a great deal!

Child Friendliness

The easy to use interface and four levels of puzzles makes this app fun to use for young children and school-age children. It is always nice to find an app that families with multiple children can enjoy and this is one of those apps.

The developers have done a nice job of protecting children from getting into areas they shouldn’t be by protecting the locked parent’s area. In order to access the share, help, other apps, and social media links, users must tap and hold the locked button. This is a great way to protect young children from this area of the app.

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