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A charming twist on a traditional tale, Lil’ Red is like an interactive silent film for children and unlike any app you have seen. Simply delightful.

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Available on the App Store

Lil’ Red is an extremely unique e-book experience. The traditional Little Red Riding Hood story is shared in an entirely new way without text or narration and instead includes a creative, completely animated and interactive story children and parents will enjoy. As children move through this delightful book, they can use their imaginations to create their own story from the gorgeous illustrations that parents can enjoy too. Much like a silent cartoon, this app engages children in an interactive back drop that will both excite and entertain.

Features include:

  • Full animation
  • Highly creative storytelling without words or narration
  • Playful illustrations
  • 12 interactive scenes

Lil’ Red is a unique digital book that tells the tale of Little Red Riding Hood in a fun new way. Instead of the traditional narration, text highlighting, and various reading options included in other e-books, this story offers an interactive and beautifully illustrated canvas that allows children and parents to use their imaginations to create a new version all their own.

The highly creative backdrop of this story allows children to explore and discover various interactive areas on each page that will guide Lil’ Red from her home to her grandmother’s house with several stops along the way. For example while in a field of flowers, Lil’ Red can pick flowers to add to her basket of goodies to take to Grandma’s house and in other scenes children can interact with the wolf as he sneaks about watching Lil’ Red.

The music and illustrations included add a whimsical quality to this already delightful story and it is clear a lot of creativity and thought went into producing this app. The illustrations are done extremely well with an interesting color scheme and pops of red that enhances the visual appeal while the cheerful music ties it all together, making this app hands down one of the best I have seen in terms of quality.

Since this app is more of an entertainment app it does not have the educational benefits of other e-books.

When you have an app with delightful illustrations, a charming interface with several interactive components, and the ability for children to use their imagination like this one does, you have an extremely entertaining activity for children to play over and over again.

Children will enjoy guiding Lil’ Red to her Grandma’s house as they help her collect various goodies, visit with the Lumberjack, as well as interact with the big bad wolf as he follows her through the woods. And although it is not your typical e-book or gaming app, this is a wonderful digital book that allows children to interact with the silent story on each page and have fun as they explore every nook and cranny.

The time, effort, and creativity that went into this app is clear and the beautiful illustrations and interactive details speak for themselves. Even without the typical narration and text included in other digital books, this one is in a class all it’s own and is a great addition to your library. Definitely worth the money!

Perfect for young children, this app is has no in app purchases or social media links to be concerned about. I have to say it takes a little getting used to as you start the app to understand how it works, but once little ones begin tapping different illustrations on the first page they will soon get the hang of it and enjoy all that this charming app has to offer.

Available on the App Store