Let’s Learn How To Draw

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Review Summary:

An all inclusive “how to” art app that is fun, easy to use, and great for children of all ages.

An all inclusive “how to” art app that is fun, easy to use, and great for children of all ages.



Let’s Learn How to Draw is a great interactive drawing app that guides users through various art lessons in drawing a variety of figures including, dogs, trains, and monsters. With 5 lessons increasing in difficulty in each module and the option for a free draw scratchpad, this all inclusive art app not only teaches children of all ages how to draw, but also inspires them to create their own drawings from their active imaginations.

Features include:

  • 3 Modules
  • 5 Lessons in each module
  • Sketchpad for free drawing


It is clear that a lot of time and effort went into this fun art app. Everything from the dogs, trains, and silly monsters pictures to the easy to use lessons themselves make this one of the best art apps around. There is not only a free draw option with the sketchpad, but actual guidance given in each lesson that allows children to learn how to draw specific figures.

They also have the option of simply coloring a particular picture with a variety of 18 colors to choose from that adds to the many options this app provides. The 4 brush and eraser sizes also give users lots of freedom in their creativity to make the perfect picture before they save it to the device they are using. It seems the app developers have thought of it all when they created this app.


Let’s Learn How To Draw is the perfect drawing app because of the many features and progressive lessons it uses to guide and teach kids to draw various figures. After selecting a module, children select the lesson they want to complete and then are guided by dotted lines (similar to what you would follow for learning to write) to follow in order to draw the specific figure. They have the option of using an “assist mode” feature that will automatically change the child’s figures to match the actual drawing no matter how much it resembles the real thing or not. After the lesson is complete they get to color their drawing, save it, and move on to the next lesson. With this app, learning to draw has never been so much fun.


For little artists that love to doodle and draw this is the perfect app to keep them busy. With 15 lessons in all and the endless fun the scratchpad offers, this app will keep children busy for as long as their imaginations can come up with ideas. The coloring only feature is also perfect for little ones that may not be ready for an actual lesson and provides entertainment for children of all ages.


There are two versions of Let’s Learn How To Draw available, a free option and the full version. I recommend parents check out the free version to decide if they want to make the full purchase. With so many options to choose from, the educational benefits, and the hours of entertainment offered in the full version the price is a steal. I think parents will agree that getting a “how to” drawing app that also has free creative play for a couple dollars is a great deal.

Child Friendliness

Let’s Learn How To Draw is not just for children that are already great artists. It is truly an app that can be used to teach children how to draw certain figures as well as allow them the ability to explore their own creativity through the sketchpad. Younger users may find it fun to simply color in the pictures provided until they are ready to tackle their first drawing lesson, but even they will find it easy to use.

The drawing lessons are great. As children begin to draw each figure they are guided by dotted lines that they can easily follow. There are 5 levels in each module that increase in difficulty providing a progressive lesson for children as they increase their drawing abilities. This app is perfect for beginners and children looking to increase their already natural talent for art.

An all inclusive “how to” art app that is fun, easy to use, and great for children of all ages.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars