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Review Summary:

Kodable is a challenging app that teaches children various coding and programming concepts through a variety of maze activities.

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Kodable is a challenging app that teaches children various coding and programming concepts through a variety of maze activities. With fuzzy characters, bright characters, and a variety of functions to learn, this app is great for children who love a good challenge.

Features include:

  • 3 Worlds
  • 90 Levels
  • 2 Additional activities


Kodable is a very interesting and unique app that is full of bright colors, interesting characters, and includes a challenging coding concept for children to learn. With a basic ‘how to’ video at the beginning of each level, children can see how the various functions work and how to use some of the tools to get their fuzz through the maze which is especially nice for new players. The developers have done a nice job with the overall set up of the app to make it inviting and fun to play. Each world has specific challenges and a theme to go with it so children are interested from the get go. The functioning of the app is also great as it moves smoothly from one level to another without leaving children stuck in any one area.


While there is a lot to learn in this app, it is primarily an experience based education system. Beginning in the first world, children will learn the basics of programming as they figure out how to move their character through the maze to collect the most coins successfully. The levels get progressively more difficult and when a new concept is introduced a short ‘how to’ video is shown. The downfall is that once the video is shown, there isn’t a way to go back to it if children need a little reminding. This can be a little frustrating when playing a particularly difficult level. With that said there is a parent section that outlines how each level works and the various codes etc., so parents can assist if needed.

In addition to the many levels of coding concepts, children also have the opportunity to play a matching game with various functions and words. There is also a spelling activity that allows children to match the letters with an appropriate word in order to spell it correctly. These added activities really help to add more educational value to an already unique and fun app.


While the main concept of the app is to teach children how to code and program, the concept and various levels is a lot of fun. For children who love a good challenge, this app will certainly test their problem solving skills and allow them to get creative in passing each level. The fuzzy characters and the mazes also add a ton of interest to the app as well and helps children to stay engaged.


Kodable is free to download, with several in-app purchases available to unlock content. Currently, all content can be unlocked for  $6.99 and is a bit more expensive than other similar apps. That being said, Kodable has a lot of educational value, and it’s so well done that the price is justifiable.

Child Friendliness

Kodable is definitely an app that will appeal to children. The bright colors, music, and fun mazes are things that kids will enjoy. The ‘how to’ video that is shown before each new challenge is great, but not being able to go back and review it can be frustrating for young children. While there is an instruction manual for parents, it is protected so players would have to have their parents assistance in order to figure it out.

Parents will be happy to know that there are no social media links or in app purchases to be concerned with. The parents area is protected so children are able to play safely and securely.

Kodable is a challenging app that teaches children various coding and programming concepts through a variety of maze activities.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars