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Review Summary:

Another great nature app that will educate and inspire families to get outdoors and explore the tracks of various wildlife.

Another great nature app that will educate and inspire families to get outdoors and explore the tracks of various wildlife.



iTrack Lite is another featured app in our At-A-Glance: Outdoor Apps For Kids post that will arm children with the information and tools they need to effectively track a variety of animals. This educational app has information on the size of the tracks, photographs, as well as scientific names to teach users how to track well.

Features include:

  • High quality photographs
  • Fun facts about each species
  • 8 Species in lite version
  • Scat description and photos


At first glance iTrack Lite may not appear to have a great deal of information, but looks can be deceiving. While the lite version includes only 8 species, there are several high quality images that accompany each species. Developers have also included written descriptions of the animal tracks along with specific front and back track sizes to assist users. The photographs for each species offers a wide variety of substances where the tracks may be found i.e. sand, mud, or dirt.

The interface for this app is very easy to use and only requires users to tap the appropriate species to learn more about it. Once they tap the name various pictures appear along with options to view scat photos, notes, Wikipedia information, along with other similar species. Overall, developers have done a great job of organizing all of the information in an easy to use manner.


With 8 species in the free version, there is a great deal of information to learn. In addition to an illustration of the tracks, developers have included the scientific name, front/back track lengths, multiple photographs of each track, gait information, scat pictures and info, and additional notes about each species. Users that want to know more about each animal can select the Wiki option and read more info about the habitat, food habits, and so much more.

Developers have also included a “tracking tips” page that offers information on how to track, track anatomy, measuring tracks, and gait patterns to assist new trackers. This information is wonderful for children and parents to spend some time learning about how to track animals prior to going into the field.

Overall, this app offers a great deal of information for each species and my only complaint for the free version would be to use more common animals that can be tracked such as squirrels etc. that may be easier to find.


This app is primarily an educational app and does not include any specific entertainment components.


The free version of this app includes 8 species with many high quality images and plenty of information for each species. This allows users to try it out before purchasing the full version, though it would be nice for the developers to add a few other species in the free version. The full version includes 66 species with over 700 images total for $14.99 which may be more than some parents want to spend on an app. With that said, when you consider what you might spend on a book about tracking it isn’t a staggering price and you get the benefit of using the app out in the field without carrying a bulky book around.

Child Friendliness

Children particularly interested in animals and learning how to track them will love this app and will likely have no problem using it. The interface is very intuitive and parents won’t have to worry about kids getting stuck in one particular area of the app.

There are no social media links, however there is a “provide feedback” and “tell a friend” option as well as the option to purchase the full version under the help button that parents will want to aware of.

Another great nature app that will educate and inspire families to get outdoors and explore the tracks of various wildlife.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars